Jose Mourinho: ‘I am not feeling pressure’

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Jose Mourinho has claimed he is underneath no vigour following his side’s 3-1 better divided from home to Everton and has refused to censure his player’s for Chelsea’s bad start to a season.

It has been a stream champions misfortune start to a Premier League debate in 27 years with usually 4 points from 5 games, while pretension rivals Manchester City are nonetheless to concur a goal.

Substitute Steven Naismith was a favourite for Everton after entrance on in a first-half to measure a ideal hat-trick, usually a sixth time such a attainment has been achieved.

Nemanja Matic dismissed in from 35 yards late in a firs-half, though Chelsea unsuccessful to means a come behind definition it is only the second time The Blues have mislaid back-to-back games in a Premier League underneath Mourinho who was defiant, notwithstanding a loss.

He said: “I am champion, a players are a champions, a approach they are personification is not as bad as a formula though in each singular diversion things are going opposite us.

“I am sorry, until somebody wins a joining we are a champions.

“I am not feeling any pressure. The formula are a misfortune formula ever in my career. we am not happy though we am coping good with a situation. The priority is to keep doing what we are doing, a players are feeling adequate sadness.”

Chelsea face Maccabi Tel-Aviv in a Champions League on Wednesday before welcoming Arsenal to Stamford Bridge in Saturdays early kick-off.

By Jamie Bassett
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