Juno Observes Jupiter, Io and Europa

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This color-enhanced picture of Jupiter and dual of a largest moons – Io and Europa – was prisoner by NASA’s Juno booster as it achieved a eighth flyby of a gas hulk planet.

The picture was taken on Sept. 1, 2017 during 3:14 p.m. PDT (6:14 p.m. EDT). At a time a picture was taken, a booster was about 17,098 miles (27,516 kilometers) from a tops of a clouds of a world during a embodiment of reduction 49.372 degrees.

Closer to a planet, a Galilean moon of Io can be seen during an altitude of 298,880 miles (481,000 kilometers) and during a spatial scale of 201 miles (324 kilometers) per pixel. In a stretch (to a left), another one of Jupiter’s Galilean moons, Europa, is manifest during an altitude of 453,601 miles (730,000 kilometers) and during a spatial scale of 305 miles (492 kilometers) per pixel.

Citizen scientist Roman Tkachenko processed this picture regulating information from a JunoCam imager.

Source: NASA

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