Justin Bieber becomes a boundary of all jokes when he decides to unclothed it all

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When he is not bustling crooning Baby, America’s (canadian) swain Justin Bieber accidentally decides to shock/surprise a universe with a sneak-peak of his unclothed butt.


The instagram post.

That’s right. On 7 July, a 21-year-old singer, who is now vacationing in Bora Bora, Australia, common a exposed design of himself station a vessel looking off into a distance.

Within mins of posting a design that was captioned ‘Look’ on Instagram, it perceived a fusillade of likes, comments and a share of mockery.

Though it did conduct to ‘break a internet’ with some-more than 2 million likes and 650,000 comments, mostly from fans who couldn’t trust their eyes, it also done for some good aged internet meme content.

It all started with Miley Cyrus. The thespian posted a photoshopped design of Bieber’s unclothed boundary though with a Kim Kardashian-like measure She captioned a waggish picture ‘Baby got back’. It gave Bieber’s strange print unbending foe with 1.3 million likes and over 423,000 comments.

Bieber got back! A print posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on Jul 6, 2015 during 10:52pm PDT

Miley’s post non-stop a floodgates of memes and humorous tweets. Here are a funniest ones that will have we in splits-

Justin Bieber ‘butting’ in everywhere

Too tighten for comfort

Cannot deal

Seriously can't deal


Oh my gosh hahahahaha #turnaroundjustin


A print posted by #turnaroundjustin (@turnaroundjustin) on Jul 7, 2015 during 6:11pm PDT

Pretty in pink

IM ACTUALLY DEAD HAHAH #turnaroundjustin

A print posted by #turnaroundjustin (@turnaroundjustin) on Jul 7, 2015 during 5:17am PDT