Justin Bieber Writes Touching Tribute To Friend Who Was Killed Friday In Paris Attacks

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Among a celebrities anguish a waste of those killed Friday in a intolerable attacks in Paris is Baby strike builder Justin Bieber. The Canadian luminary took to Twitter Monday night to demonstrate his feelings towards a detriment of his friend, and Universal Music Group executive Thomas Ayad.

The 21 year old tweeted a striking of a following. “Still meditative about Paris and my crony Thomas that we mislaid in a tragedy. He was a partial of a group for years and we wish we would’ve had some-more time to conclude him. Make certain to conclude people while we have them. Thanks Thomas for all we did for me. You are appreciated and missed. Thoughts and prayers are with your family friends #PrayForParis.” In a summary of a Tweet all he pronounced was “RIP Thomas #PrayForParis”

Ayad was one of a 89 people killed during a Bataclan museum in Paris Friday night during a Eagles of Death Metal concert.

Photo: Startraks