Kanchipuram: Overspeeding SUV kills woman; occurrence held on camera

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Kanchipuram: A 21-year aged lady died allegedly after being run over by an overspeeding SUV on Friday and a pale occurrence was prisoner on a CCTV camera that lead to a driver’s arrest, military said.

The lady carrying her four-year aged child was walking on a left side of a highway when a SUV strike her from behind. She died on a mark after being thrown several feet divided off a highway in a occurrence that occurred early morning on 8 June.

A screengrab of a CCTV footage. A screengrab of a CCTV footage.

A screengrab of a CCTV footage.

The baby with serious injuries is being treated in a hospital, military said.

Video footage of a pale occurrence prisoner by CCTV cameras commissioned by military on Gandhi Road was expelled to a media by military on Friday.

It showed a mangle neck speed in that a black colour SUV was driven and how a infirm lady was flung into a atmosphere and thrown off a highway alongwith her child notwithstanding walking on a highway side.

The plant was identified as Selvi, a internal resident, and she was walking on a highway alongwith another lady with her child in arms.

The video also shows how a other lady was bombard repelled saying a collision and how she ran towards her to save her and a child.

Police told PTI that a motorist of a SUV, Vinoth Kannan of Ramanathapuram, surrendered before military currently and was arrested. A box has been purebred opposite him. However, they declined to yield serve details.