Karishma-Sunjay’s stretched propinquity stoops a new low; Karishma files a dowry nuisance case

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Of late, Karishma Kapoor frequency creates news, though when she does, she does it for all a wrong reasons. In a final integrate of months, a media route was on her for even a smallest growth given a news pennyless that her disloyal husband, Delhi-based businessman, Sunjay Kapur filed for a uninformed divorce petition in January.

Karishma Kapoor, Sunjay Kapur. Getty Images

The disloyal couple’s divorce box still tentative in Bandra Court. Karishma Kapoor, however,  has now filed a dowry nuisance box opposite Sunjay in Khar military station. Reports suggest that it’s a second time Karishma has approached a Khar military hire in a week; final time she went with a censure of mental nuisance opposite her father and mother-in-law.

Sunjay common his grievances with Mumbai Mirror when he filed a uninformed divorce petition where he mentioned that Karishma had married him usually for his income and serve indicted that how Karishma unsuccessful in her purpose not usually as a mom and daughter-in-law but also as a mother.

Karishma remained silent though her father, actor Randhir Kapoor, put a clever conflict on Sunjay’s claim arguing that they can support themselves and need not to “run after anybody’s money”

Karishma’s matrimony to Sunjay has lifted speculations in a past. Karishma was all set to marry Abhishek Bachchan and during a eleventh hour Abhishek corroborated out. Sunjay also indicted her of marrying him on a rebound.

As of now, Karishma and Sunjay’s kids — daughter Samiera and son Kiaan Raj Kapoor—are with Karishma, though a quarrel for their control has now been pushed to a credentials as a box keeps removing uglier by a day.