KDMC polls: Fadnavis ensures expansion for BJP, though Shiv Sena still has top hand

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by Smita Deshmukh

Mumbai: It could not have been a improved one year anniversary gift. Within dual days that he finished a year in office, Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis has ensured that his celebration – a BJP – is flourishing on a possess appropriation poignant chair share in dual essential metropolitan polls hold in a state.

From a small nine seats in 2010 in Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation (KDMC), to a whopping 42 seats is outrageous burst for a saffron party. However, with 52 seats, a Shiv Sena has emerged as a singular largest celebration in a satellite towns of Mumbai. Ironically, both Sena and BJP are now sport partners to strech a sorcery series of 61.

Devendra Fadnavis and Uddhav Thackeray in record photos. Getty ImagesDevendra Fadnavis and Uddhav Thackeray in record photos. Getty Images

Devendra Fadnavis and Uddhav Thackeray in record photos. Getty Images

Trust him to be down, though positively not out. Though his engine stopped from 27 seats to 9 seats in KDMC, Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) is proof to be a kingmaker in KDMC. Will Raj go with his cousin Uddhav to keep BJP out? That’s a large doubt in Maharashtra today.

In Kolhapur, Congress-NCP ensured they are behind in power. In 81 chair Kolhapur county body, Congress (27) and NCP (15) have ensured they sojourn in power. NCP and Congress have also posted poignant gains in a metropolitan legislature check results, that are trickling in. However, here too, a BJP here has jumped from small 3 seats in 2010 to 12 seats now.

If there is one summary that these essential twin polls formula has given, it is this – holding distributed risk, Fadnavis has ensured exponential expansion of his party. However, Shiv Sena stays autarchic when it comes to a Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) on a possess strength and exclude to be bogged down by a state BJP. On a other hand, by their wilful feat in Kolhapur, internal leaders of Congress and NCP in have shown large masters that a domestic quip is good possible, while a NCP is gaining heavily in a 67 metropolitan legislature polls opposite a state.

There is small doubt that Fadnavis, who privately campaigned along with his whole cabinet, has ensured that a party’s chair share has grown significantly in both polls. This choosing was also dubbed as a litmus exam for a CM. He has positively won turn one, though a celebration is distant divided from seeking energy in metropolitan regions of both cities.

Maharashtra never saw a metropolitan check that garnered so most courtesy during state and inhabitant turn as this one. The formula have shown that a 25 year-old-alliance between a Shiv Sena and BJP is now during a lowest phase. In fact, a final dual days of campaigning saw CM Fadnavis and Sena arch Uddhav Thackeray indulging in rare attacks on any other.

KDMC formula also showed a finish decimation of Congress and NCP. Anti-incumbency was not a cause here during all. Rebels, uncover of income and flesh power, final notation alliances were a hallmark of these metropolitan polls showcasing how all parties were unfortunate to win. In Kolhapur, it was BJP’s fondness partner Tara Rani, that won whopping 20 seats, holding their total to 32, though still descending brief from a sorcery series of 41.

With a semi-final over, decks are privileged for a 10 large polls county polls early 2017, that embody large cities like Mumbai, Thane, Pimpri-Chinwad, Nasik and Solapur. Will CM Fadnavis who has already announced that his celebration would partner with Sena in 2017, still insist on a fondness after poignant gains today? Or will a Sena’s Tiger bark loud?

An aggressive, infamous debate has come to an end. A confident, resurgent CM Fadnavis contra an equally dynamic Uddhav Thackeray are quick changing a domestic equations in Maharashtra. And yes, Raj Thackeray is really most around.

Smita Deshmukh is a comparison publisher and communications consultant formed in Mumbai. Follow her on @smitadeshmukh