Kids Do A Lot Of Things To Fit In, But One Girl’s Tactic Speaks To An Alarming Trend

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It seems like kids mostly wish zero some-more than to fit in with their peers.

And zero says “I’m cool” like being on-trend with a latest crazes. Back in my day, Pokemon cards, American Eagle jeans, jelly pens, and Silly Bandz were all a rage. These fads were a means of panic as relatives scrambled to kick a rush to make their kids a kings and queens of a playground.

But not each school-age trend is safe. Just when we suspicion pester spinners were a biggest headache relatives had to worry about, a new internet plea could have durability effects on your child’s appearance.
Kaitlyn Stanley and her mom recently seemed on ITV’s “This Morning” to tell their story about a dangerous disturb creation waves opposite a pond.

Kaitlyn common her story about how she attempted a “deodorant challenge” in sequence to feel cool. The plea involves kids frankly blazing their arms regulating aerosol deodorants.

Screenshot: Daily Mail

Children all opposite England are filming themselves holding a deodorant cans tighten to their skin for as prolonged as possible.

Facebook / Sara Pears Stanley

“My friends started doing it. You mist it and afterwards it goes white and it looks unequivocally cold so we attempted it,” Kaitlyn explained.

Screenshot: Daily Mail