Kimber Edwards Death Penalty Reduced by Governor Nixon

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Kimber Edwards had been condemned to death, that was scheduled for Oct. 6. Although it had been creatively scheduled for May 12, an sequence postulated a invulnerability profession a indulgence request.

Edwards was convicted of employing Orthell Wilson to kill his ex-wife, Kimberly Cantrell, in Aug. 2000. The convicted criminal, supposedly, had her killed so he would no longer have to compensate child support. He had told a courts he was framed.

Wilson committed a murder and testified opposite Edwards during his trial. Wilson had done a understanding with a district profession for a life judgment in sell for his testimony. Nonetheless, Wilson is now revelation a media he usually testified opposite this male to equivocate a genocide penalty. Wilson states that he committed a murder on his possess and was not paid.

According to Huffington Post, Edwards gave a constrained testimony, that upheld his innocence. A jury, however, condemned him to death, while Wilson, who committed a tangible murder, was condemned to life in prison.

Governor Nixon gave a matter on Oct.2 and he supports Edward’s self-assurance of first-degree murder. The administrator pronounced he reviewed a box files carefully. As governor, underneath a Missouri Constitution, Nixon has a management to overrule a jury’s preference to palm down a genocide sentence. His preference was to overrule a genocide chastisement and instead postulated him a life judgment but a probability of parole. According to a governor, he did not come to this preference lightly. He delicately deliberate all of a evidence, as good as a resources surrounding a box before nearing during this formidable conclusion.

By Jeanette Smith
Edited by Leigh Haugh

Huffington Post: Triple Deja vu: Punishments Lacking Principles
Fox2Now: Gov. Nixon Commutes Death Sentence for Kimber Edwards
Photo Courtesy of Missouri News Horizon’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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