Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon review: The biggest fun is that Kapil Sharma’s entrance film was to be a comedy

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Thriller specialists Abbas-Mustan do a David Dhawan and Kapil Sharma does a underline film chronicle of his comedy show. Without a singular humorous line. The result: a one-man uncover that competence have worked with yesteryear’s Govinda and a Sajan Chale Sasural genre. With Sharma in any frame, giving a same pop-eyed demeanour and rattling off dialogues like he’s reading excellent imitation in a mutual account advertisement, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu is about one male and his 3 wives. That’s 4 comedy shows in one. Only, a tangible comedy shows on TV are better.

Depending on your clarity of humour, this film could be a comedy or a tragedy. For Sharma fans, a answer is clear. For others, a usually humorous moments in a film come with Sharat Saxena as Sharma’s on shade father , explaining his possess infidelity with a verse from an aged song:

Ek hawa ka jhoka aaya,
Toota dali se phool
Na pawan ki na chaman ki,
Kis ki hai yeh bhool?


Kapil Sharma in a still from Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karu.

Sharma plays Kumar, whose possess difficulty is explained as a array of accidents. Biwi Number One, Juhi (Manjari Phadnis), is dumped on Kumar by a failing father.

Biwi Number Two, Anjali (Sai Lokur), is forced on Kumar by a deaf enclose brother, Tiger bhai (Arbaaz Khan, accompanied by a bark in a credentials score). Biwi Number Three, Simran (Simran Kaur Mundi) traps Kumar when her possess father runs away.

Since Kumar wants to be a good father to any of his 3 wives – this means a good morning lick to any of them and bushels of lies via a day – his counsel friend Karan (Varun Sharma) advises Kumar to buy 3 flats in one building. Less commute, some-more time to philander.

And so it is that Kumar moves in to Cocktail Towers with his 3 wives, any of whom thinks she’s a light of his life. The father resolves his morning goodbye by station during a building embankment and fluttering during all 3 wives station during their balconies, one above a other.

As competence be evident, this film is not about logic. It’s about how intelligent Kumar is when it comes to handling his lies and gripping a law from his 3 wives. So we shimmer over sum like a fact that we have no thought what accurately Kumar does for a living, other than wear reflectors and lift briefcases. And we’re approaching to giggle during a strategies Karan resorts to in sequence to save his buddy’s back end. So a descending of an underwear from one wife’s soaking line to another wife’s patio is explained regulating Newton and sobriety in a fun that creates clarity usually to a makers and a lassie who drops a underwear.

Kumar deals with his marital highlight by dancing divided with a girlfriend, Deepika (Elli Avram). So when Kumar is not stealing from one mother or a other, he is bustling stealing all 3 from Deepika and her dad. The film rushes by escapades in a mall when everybody from a wives to Deepika’s father and Tiger bhai land adult and play censor and seek. Lame Apr Fool jokes come into play and youthful antics grow with a full moon on a Karva Chauth night.

The one good thing about KKPK is a gait during that Abbas-Mustan keep a film moving. Given some-more plausible situations and lines, they competence have finished better. Meanwhile, if a steer of Kumar unresolved on a wall and bringing in a moon, creates we laugh, go watch KKPK, though during your possess risk.