Konkona Sen Sharma and Tillottama Shome uncover opposites do attract in a stimulating ‘Nayantara’s Necklace’

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Keep it simple, stupid. That’s flattering most a sign of Large Short Films and of a latest film they’ve released, Nayantara’s Necklace, destined by Jaydeep Sarkar and starring Konkona Sen Sharma and Tillottama Shome.

Large Short Films is a worthy beginning by Seagram’s Royal Stag, in that a association produces brief films by directors who are both obvious and little-known. The initial film in this collection was Sujoy Ghosh’s Ahalya, a contemporary take on a parable of Ahalya and starring Soumitra Chatterjee, Radhika Apte and a beautifully-named Tota Roy Chowdhury.

Nayantara’s Necklace is also about a lady and her desires, though in a really opposite way. The film stars dual of a excellent actresses we have in India. Sen Sharma and Shome — who are good friends in genuine life — tell a story of a loyalty between dual women who don’t seem to fit together. Sen Sharma who plays Nayantara, an upwardly mobile and adorned woman, who is always made-up and shiny. Shome plays Alka, a elementary housewife whose life revolves around her domesticity. The dual accommodate since their sons go to a same propagandize and since they’re neighbours.

Sen Sharma is rarely engaging and convincing as a secular correct lady about city who takes a wag underneath her wing. She teaches Alka how to pronounce Chardonnay, tipple booze and be a ideal coquette. Shome plays a ingénue in comprehensive astonishment of Nayantara, who appears to have a ideal marriage, bank change and nails.



Their doubtful loyalty blossoms when Alka opens a Facebook comment on Nayantara’s propelling and this puts her behind in hold with a propagandize crush, Girish (Gulshan Devaiah). He’s now a jetsetting CEO so before assembly him, Nayantara gives Alka pointers on how to be some-more select and charming. Alka watches closely, assured that she contingency turn a reproduction of her happy, desirable and effusive crony in sequence to stir Girish. Just before a date, Nayantara lends Alka her pearl necklace.

But all is not what it seems in Nayantara’s Necklace. There’s a turn in a story and it is surprising. You don’t design it and it does make sense. we won’t give divided a ending, though sufficient to contend that a observant “sab kuch maya hai” fits ideally over here.

What’s engaging are a pointed commentaries on morality. Alka, who seems to be a homebody whose life revolves around looking after her child and her husband, is a one who is open to a suspicion of carrying an affair. Nayantara, a bubbly though world-weary one, balks during a suspicion of Alka’s cooking being any some-more than only that. She’s excellent with enlivening and training her crony to flirt, though that doesn’t naturally interpret into her carrying stretchable morality. It’s a classical box of still waters using deep.

We also get a doctrine about not judging a book by a cover, and a fact that opposites attract. And that one mustn’t live over one’s means. Basically, it’s a brief film that drives home many purposeful sayings in a 20 minutes’ duration. Including a non-pithy and unsentimental one – beware of holding loans (watch a film to know how we learnt that lesson).

All in all, it’s heartening to see income being put behind non-commercial cinema and to see such nuanced women-centric films being supported. Both Ahalya and Nayantara’s Necklace expel actresses who don’t fit into a normal cover of Hindi film actresses. Their looks are unconventional, they can act and they’re gallant of holding on roles that operation from grey to black in their morality. So acclamation to Large Short Films for that.

If we didn’t like a film and a bid as most as we did, we would advise Long Short Films to rename itself as a “Jataka Tales Redux” since a dual films expelled by Large Short Films can also double adult as probity lessons. It competence be a obliged pierce — after examination them, we feel that if we splash Royal Stag, we might finish adult being a small inebriated, though I’ll be an doubtful implicitly honest person. Cheers to that.