Laboratory Management Web Application Goes Nationwide

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Making reservations, accessing tools, and progressing apparatus during a CNST’s NanoFab got a lot easier 5 years ago when a CNST grown a customized laboratory government web application. Now other NanoFabs and laboratories opposite a republic can reap a same benefits. The NanoFab Equipment Management Operations (NEMO) web focus will be expelled as open source and giveaway program on Jan 8th, 2017.

Screenshot of alighting page for NEMO web application. Credit: NIST

Users can customize NEMO for their possess laboratory, enabling any patron with a desktop or mobile device to haven tools, perspective a handling standing of instruments, and find assistance from laboratory staff.

NEMO is hosted during The web focus is created in a Python programming denunciation and uses a Django web framework. It is complement eccentric (can run on Linux, Windows, or Mac) and does not need special hardware to operate.

The CNST hopes to encourage a developer village to combine on new facilities and improvements to NEMO. Source formula contributions are acquire around GitHub lift requests. The CNST will accumulate and weigh these suggestions, modifying NEMO as needed.

“We wish a nanofabrication village will be vehement about a recover of this software, and we demeanour brazen to pity it,” says CNST’s program operative Dylan Klomparens, who grown NEMO.

Source: NIST

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