Laser-based Cutting with a 5.6 W Endurance Laser

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Here we’ll tell how to cut materials controlling a CNCC V2.50 program and a 5.6 W Endurance laser with a short-focal lens G2, commissioned on a DIY platform.

To cut materials we use a Advan mode (see a fig. below).

Firs off all we name an image. The thinner a lines of a picture a improved for a G-code. Click a Open button.

Select a filter (PR), a top right picture is a many suitable.

Set a picture distance in mm controlling Zoom. The bigger a picture a thicker a lines, that’s because we need an picture with skinny lines.

Then we name a laser energy in a Settings. In a Max Power we set a required extent and Save a parameter.

Why Do We Need to Change a Power?

If a laser energy chars a element and we can't repair a problem varying a slicing speed, we need to revoke a laser power.

Then we set a laser speed and check a XYSC symbol box; this symbol balances  the X and Y axes speeds. This is required for even slicing out of a image.

Now we emanate a G-code by clicking Create.

Then we set a required series of passes in a Cycletime window.

Attention!!! Don’t forget to wear reserve goggles.

Now let’s see if a workpiece is in a laser focus.  See video:

But I’d improved explain once some-more a categorical aspects.

1. To check a laser concentration we need to put underneath a laser lamp some element (resistant to laser radiation). Check a SP symbol box.

2. Select a height. When controlling a long-focal lens a laser lamp indicate becomes a minimal during 8-10 cm. When controlling a short-focal lens – during 4-5 mm.

3. Then we revoke a laser lamp indicate to a max by controlling a laser ring.

Choose a starting indicate for slicing out on a workpiece. We check a WS box. The laser lamp indicates a starting point.

You can change a plcae of a starting slicing indicate controlling arrows and coordinates in a Auxilary.

To set a 0 indicate of a laser click a Set Zero. To send a laser to a 0 indicate it is required to click a Home button.

If a laser plcae is fine we click a Run button. (Don’t forget reserve goggles.)

To stop a routine click a Paus button.

To continue click a Cont.

To stop click a Rese. This symbol has dual critical features: 1) When formulating a formula even when we stop it we can't pierce a laser but clicking a Rese. 2) You can't bucket another G-code but clicking a Rese.

Good parameters for slicing plywood of opposite density with a 5.6 W laser.  

A unchanging long-focal lens with a focal length of 2-10 cm.

A short-focal lens G2 with a focal lengths of 5 mm.

Examples of a cut out figures

Examples of failures









Wrong parameters:


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