Laser Engraving on Leather

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Engraving on leather is a good approach to emanate an strange present or commemoration for yourself or your desired ones. With a assistance of a Endurance DIY we can adorn leather apparatus with a accumulation of labels or drawings.

Laser Engraving Advantages

Traditional means of automatic and thermal cast on leather do not yield a same high turn of cast pointing as do laser devices. Laser cast is a totally programmed routine though any additional technological stages, holding minimal time. Our apparatus works though failures even when cast vast drawings. Certain elementary operations are achieved in only a few minutes, or even seconds. The Endurance DIY desktop laser engraver is ideal for cast of singular apparatus or tiny series.


Laser cast seems, during initial glance, unsuited for home use. However, with a assistance of Endurance inclination we can make tiny souvenirs right during home. Thanks to a affordable and easy-to-use CNCC laseraxe software, everyone, even an comprehensive beginner, can master this task. CNCC laseraxe does not need a pre-installation on a computer, it is adequate only to run a exe. record in a module folder, and a module will be prepared for use.

Connection and Initial Setup

Connect a laser engraver to a mechanism regulating a USB cable, run a program, click a “Connect” button. In a few seconds your new apparatus will be prepared to work. Open any design we like with a “Open” symbol and vectorize a design by clicking on a “PR” button.

Image vectorization by Outline

In a settings there are several ways of vectorization. BlackWhite is an inversion of colors. Any design always opens in black and white. You can select what to engrave: a credentials or a design itself. Outline automatically selects a outlines of your drawing. With a assistance of a “Scale” symbol we can manually set a distance of a drawing, though not bigger than a operative area of a laser engraver.

G-code Generation Without Additional Programs

When a design is prepared it is required to beget a G-code.

Set a imitation speed in a PrintSpeed line equal to 350 mm / min and save a settings by clicking a “Save” button, afterwards click “Create”. In only a integrate of seconds your formula will be ready, and a module will automatically open a “Code” tab. The energy will be set by default to 100%, we can adjust it with a slider “SpPower”. To make a cast demeanour appealing on a leather sample, we suggest environment a energy to 75%. The correct control of a laser lamp parameters creates it probable to adjust a outcome of a laser deviation on a treated surface.

When all is ready, put on reserve goggles to forestall repairs to your eyes while examination a cast process, and press a “Run” button. Now a laser will do all itself and, when finished, will lapse to a home position, and go out. It will take 1 notation to engrave a tiny pattern, 50 mm x 20 mm by size.

When cast on synthetic materials surfaces such as “leatherette” and “eco-leather”, their low melting indicate should be taken into account. To safeguard that a edges of a engraved design or marker do not demeanour destroyed and homely we request a protecting covering to a aspect of a synthetic leather regulating a black self-adhesive film.


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