Latest gem from Rahul Gandhi: We’ll give people kurta-pajama sarkar

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Amethi: Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday followed adult on his “suit-boot ki sarkar” taunt opposite Prime Minister Narendra Modi by earnest a “kurta-pajama sarkar” that will work for a common man.

Congress clamp boss Rahul Gandhi. ReutersCongress clamp boss Rahul Gandhi. Reuters

Congress clamp boss Rahul Gandhi. Reuters

“We wish your sarkar. Shirt ki sarkar, chappal ki sarkar, kurta-pajama ki sarkar. And we will uncover it to you”, he pronounced aggressive a Modi supervision as elitist.

Interacting with villagers in his parliamentary constituency, he asked them either anyone of them is wearing ‘suit-boot’.

Then he replied himself observant those wearing ‘suit-boot’ are usually seen in Delhi.

He also told them that Congress would move heated vigour on supervision if it unsuccessful to broach on the promises.