Laura Vandervoort Rocks These Outfits As Elena Michaels On Bitten

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On Bitten, as a world’s usually famous womanlike werewolf, Elena Michaels certain doesn’t have it easy. Brilliantly played by Real Style’s cover lady Laura Vandervoort, Elena battles a bad guys and tries to save herself in Space and SyFy’s array one sci fi series. With Bitten’s deteriorate 2 SyFy premiere on Apr 17th, we take a demeanour behind during Elena’s best looks from a show. We are kind of amatory a brief leather coupler demeanour with longer shirt interconnected with leggings or jeans. Just a kind of thing, a cold fashionista competence enclose herself and be prepared to flog some bad guy’s hiney in a routine (just in case)!

Elean Michael's Chambray shirtelena Michaels immature leather jacketElena Michael immature anorakElena Michael jeans


photos: IMDB, Space/Bell Media