Law Enforcement Intensifies in Wake of 9/11 Threats [Video]

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9/11Law coercion is on high warning in lieu of threats surrounding 9/11. On Sept. 11, 2001, Americans were dumbfounded as one of a misfortune militant attacks in the United States’ story shook a republic and crumbled New York’s Twin Towers. The 9/11 news consecrated by Congress resolved in a review of a attacks that a puncture response on that day was “organized chaos.” As Americans face a anniversary of that comfortless day, a fight might have finished though new threats have surfaced.

This time a threats have not come from a distant off land, such as Al-Qaeda, though from right here within these “united” states famous as America. Allegedly, members of Fuk Yo Flag, a crush organisation of Black Lives Matter, have threatened assault on Sept. 11 by videos and blog posts job for an “open deteriorate on murdering cops and white people.” The loathing group’s website contains a following statement:

We, a people, are psychologically and physically violation giveaway of a imperialist, colonialist, and extremist empires by blazing representations starting on Sep 11th, 2015. Why Sep 11th? We commend that these majestic powers pounded their possess adults on 9/11 in an try to benefit some-more energy from a people. We are not disrespecting any citizen that might have died during these attacks on this day; instead, we are acknowledging that, from this day forward, we are holding ALL majestic nations obliged for their unnecessary deaths!

The face of a transformation identifies himself on a video as King Noble, Black Supremacist. King Noble expresses loathing for a Confederate and American flags with claims they are both black of oppression. The transformation that has been deemed #FYF911 is allegedly scheduled to take place in Stone Mountain on Friday, Sept. 11. According to a video, supporters will declare a finish of U.S. imperialist white supremacy. The group’s website hazard continues with a following:

On 9/11 we will be blazing American flags, Confederate flags, military uniforms, and ALL representations of orderly immorality and rough nations. We also will be lifting a Liberation dwindle and building on a new republic for a people. This is an INTERNATIONAL transformation and a day of unity, on-going action, and liberation. To all OPPRESSIVE AND ORGANIZED EVIL after #FYF911, a people will not be firm to we any longer!!

According to a 9/11 threats released by Fuk Yo Flag, law coercion has strong in sequence to yield combined security. Black Lives Matter has recently come underneath glow as good as been identified as a loathing group. Civil rights personality Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson believes it is indeed a loathing organisation and pronounced if a white organisation were targeting military and enlivening assault they would, though question, be labeled a same.


The Black Lives Matter transformation was innate out of heightened concerns over military savagery opposite a republic in African-American communities. Recently some of a tongue being chanted from opposite members has caused specific Fox News personalities to “suggest” that a classification is obliged for a 6 law coercion agents who were shot and killed in a line of avocation final month. Much of press has come to a invulnerability of Black Lives Matter saying, nonetheless tragic, there is zero that links them to any of a officer’s deaths and it is an astray claim. Columnist Charles M. Blow, a author for a New York Times, said:

There seems to be a accordant bid to denounce and repairs Black Lives Matter, and one has to consternation why. It is unfit to credibly make a box that Black Lives Matter as a transformation is a loathing organisation or that it advocates violence. Demanding military fairness, slip and burden is not a same as compelling military loathing or harm.

It seems people are some-more dissapoint about a slogan Black Lives Matter than they are about a tangible African-American lives that have been killed by law coercion though merit. The classification is not suggesting that only black lives are important; all lives are important, though a importance in on African-Americans since of a boost of deaths by police. Several media outlets have published articles ancillary a classification and have called the accusations ridiculous.

Law coercion is on high warning and has beefed adult confidence in a arise of a 9/11 threats. Black Lives Matter has not reliable devotion to a organisation that released a threats and have done no indications of vigilant to mistreat law coercion or white people on Sept. 11. Their concentration is some-more about shedding light on all of a black lives that have been taken unnecessarily by law enforcement.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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