‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ To Air An Episode Based On Harvey Weinstein Scandal

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NBC’s Law Order: Special Victims Unit is already good famous for looking to genuine life for impulse for their stories, and now it’s been suggested that one of a biggest headlines of a year, the Harvey Weinstein scandal, will be a concentration of an arriving part of a strike series. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, a array writers were operative on a storyline for a arriving part even before a Weinstien story broke, though thereafter a took aspects of it for their script. “We are attack Harvey Weinstein head-on, though it’s not in a area of a party business,” executive writer Michael Chernuchin told EW. “It’s a genuine critical part about a rape enlightenment in an industry, and we wanted to try widen a law to criminalize that arrange of environment.” Chernichin went on to contend that “We were indeed operative on a story about airline pilots and what a boys bar that is. We were violence a story out and said, ‘Wow, this is accurately what a actresses go by in Hollywood. It’s a same environment.’ So we got all of a Harvey things out with airline pilots.”

This isn’t a initial time Law Order: Special Victims Unit done headlines for their stories. Last deteriorate they designed on done an part desirous by Donald Trump, about a rich male using for President who finds his skeleton dashed after being indicted of rape. The part was pushed a integrate of times from a schedule, until it was private altogether after Trump was elected. 




Law Order: Special Victims Unit front Wednesdays during 9 PM on NBC.