Laziest Person Ever Or Total Genius? What He Does With A Drone Is Next-Level Crazy

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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Nope, it’s only some male being carried around in his hammock by a drone. Humanity has peaked.

If you’ve ever wanted to transport a universe though can’t find a supports to compensate vast airfare prices, or we simply don’t wish to run a risk of being dragged off a craft (here’s looking during you, United), this Georgia male has found a answer to all your idle prayers.

Onlookers couldn’t assistance though record what could be called a laziest pierce ever (or an Einstein-level cadence of genius) as a male floated around on a friendly hammock while a worker chauffeured him from indicate A to indicate B like it was no large deal.

I’m still doubtful during how a worker was means to support a man’s weight for so long.

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Where can we find myself a worker like this? Because this is how we intend to spend my days off from now on. Share this epic video if we wouldn’t mind removing high in a sky for a few hours!