Le Monde Smart Cities Innovation Awards

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For a third year in a row, Le Monde is kicking off its urban creation competition. The Le Monde Smart Cities Awards are dictated to encourage a best civic mutation projects honourable to accept larger attention, so that others can follow their example, bettering it if required to their possess context.

As a company, municipality, association, student, individual, perhaps we have deliberate or started implementing an strange and effective resolution for your civic environment. Le Monde invites you introduce your devise and apply for one of a Le Monde Smart Cities awards.

Smart and tolerable cities are directed at improving services and peculiarity of living, resilience, environmental protection, cost-cutting, and deeper democracies; they encourage effective formation of information technologies all a while essentially sketch impulse from a expectations and appearance of citizens.

Whether it applies to an islet, community or whole city, your devise contingency residence a issues during interest in smart and tolerable cities.

The Le Monde Smart Cities Awards wish to praise not institutions, but concrete solutions now in development. These solutions need to mount out for their originalityeffectiveness and impact on a civic area.

The Grand Prize is not singular to any specific category: a judging row will endowment it to a devise that stands out many for a innovative approach. The Special Student Award, in partnership with a University of Lyon’s Urban School, will be given to a devise from any difficulty by one or some-more students or 2016 graduates. For this Student Award, a devise does not indispensably have to enter an operational phase, though contingency move out a roadmap or a business plan.

Each award-winner will accept a €1,000 check, while a Grand Prize will lift an endowment of €2,000. Regarding a Student Special Award a leader will receive €1,500. Moreover, all winning projects will be created adult in an essay to be published on Le Monde‘s website.

Open to all individuals, private companies, open metropolitan associations or institutions, this foe offers a event to attend during possibly a European or World level.

Does a journey sound enticing? Wait no longer, go to the Modalities for some-more information!

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