Lecturers rise new visible alphabet for innovation

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The new visible alphabet is a brainchild of Associate Professor Mai-Mai Ulrich and Assistant Professor Villads Keiding, both lecturers on the Process and Innovation BEng investigate programme. Entitled VINCA, a alphabet was creatively a name of an ancient created denunciation from Southeast Europe.


“We learn a students about creation processes and satisfied that this is a really formidable judgment to grasp. What does a tenure routine mean? What is a process? In other words, we indispensable to find out how we could explain creation processes for a students. And that’s when we came adult with a suspicion of building a visible alphabet,” says Mai-Mai Ulrich.

Symbols and captivating pieces
VINCA is a earthy apparatus that uses pieces with signs and black to explain a opposite creation phases. The pieces are magnetized so they can be used on a whiteboard.

“VINCA focuses on creation as a routine and not on a results. we like to contend that we need to consider creation as a verb—not as a noun. It is a apparatus for training a students how to arrive during a results,” explains Villads.

VINCA growth is distant from over. The alphabet is ceaselessly being grown with a assistance of user feedback, ensuing in new captivating pieces, for example. And as a visible alphabet is used for several opposite forms of projects, there will be a need for several forms of routine signs, according to a dual forward lecturers.

Virtual height in a pipeline
However, a lecturers’ ambitions do not stop here, as they are anticipating to rise a practical chronicle of a earthy alphabet.

“We are formulation to rise a practical VINCA platform. Here it will be probable to insert descriptions of a particular processes and share believe with others, so enabling users to work actively with a processes in a practical environment,” explains Villads.

Great seductiveness among intensity users
VINCA is now being used as a training apparatus on several Process and Innovation courses.  However, seductiveness in a tiny captivating pieces with squares, arrows and suspicion froth is not singular to DTU. VINCA has already found a approach to several partners in Denmark and several intensity users have already contacted a developers.

Source: DTU