Legendary Holiday Monsters That’ll Make You Seal Off Your Chimney

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Legendary Holiday Monsters That’ll Make You Seal Off Your Chimney

Christmas time is on us, and that means that Santa will shortly be entrance down a chimneys with toys for everyone! It’s a joyous occasion, and many people are intensely vehement about it.

But there are some lesser-known holiday legends that have some-more sinister backstories. They make Santa demeanour like a small pipsqueak, and these holiday monsters are adequate to dismay even a toughest adults.

1. Père Fouettard

Pegrave;re Fouettard

Happy Fete

This French figure is pronounced to have lured 3 boys into his cabin in sequence to eat them. He scarcely did it, though St. Nicholas came in and discovered a boys, imprisoning Père Fouettard and creation him work as his servant. He dishes out punishment to bad children with his whip.

2. Hans Trapp

Hans Trapp


A French legend, Hans Trapp was a genuine male who was excommunicated by a Church for his awful behavior. He was banished to a timberland where he attempted to eat a boy, usually to be struck by a shaft of God’s lightning. He earnings during Christmas in sequence to shock children into being good.

3. Jólakötturinn



The story of a Icelandic Yule Cat, or Jólakötturinn, was told to get children to do their chores. According to a tale, a cat devours idle children if they exclude to do their work.

4. Krampus



Krampus is a mythological immorality twin of Santa. He is an enforcer of good behavior, given kids who act out are punished by him for being bad.

5. Frau Perchta

Frau Perchta

Paul Alexander Hawkins

This fable is utterly gruesome. If Frau Perchta thinks you’ve been a good kid, she will prerogative you, though if you’ve been a bad kid, she rips out your viscera and replaces them with garbage. Pretty gross, right?

6. Belsnickel



This fable usually exists in Pennsylvania Dutch communities. This associate also punishes everybody on a disobedient list.

7. Yule Lads

Yule Lads

Unlocking Kiki

The Yule Lads are mischievous elves in Icelandic tradition who were combined to get kids to act better. I’m entertainment from these legends that there are utterly a few bad children out there.

8. Grýla



Grýla is a mom of a Yule Lads, so they answer to her. She is famous as an xanthippe who kidnaps and cooking children. She usually recently became compared with Christmas, though a fear that she brings to children is really powerful.

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I don’t know about we guys, though I’m going to be on my best function this holiday season. These mythological monsters are scaring me a small bit. we can’t trust relatives tell their children this stuff!