Lessons from a Saudi diplomat case: Should operative for envoys come with a ‘slave’ warning?

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Landmine remover. Construction worker. Alligator wrestler. Lumberjack. Police officer.

Unsurprisingly these are some of a many dangerous jobs in a universe according to occupational reserve statistics. If there is any law to a purported travails of dual Nepali women in Gurgaon, we should be adding “working for a diplomat” to that list.

The guarantee of compensate competence be good, a pursuit competence sound remunerative though these jobs seem to fundamentally come with an phonetic order “Abandon all rights ye who enter here”.

The dual Nepalese women allegedly raped by a Saudi Arabian diplomat. PTIThe dual Nepalese women allegedly raped by a Saudi Arabian diplomat. PTI

The dual Nepalese women allegedly raped by a Saudi Arabian diplomat. PTI

A Saudi diplomat in India, a First Secretary during a Embassy, is on his approach out of a nation with his family. The dual maids lay that for months they have been treated as sex slaves, upheld around by a diplomat to his friends, beaten and infrequently not given food.

“After behaving domicile duties via a day, we were subjected to passionate attack during night. Often, there would be some-more than one male who would rape and woe us. We have outlines on a body,” one of them tells Firstpost.

She says a diplomat’s family knew about a abuse. Not usually did they not try to stop it, they would kick a women as well. Armina Guru of Maiti Nepal India, an NGO that works on trafficking issues tells Firstpost that when a troops raided a Gurgaon flat, “the women were being physically assaulted” and a medical hearing confirms rape.

That all sounds flattering damning. But it substantially won’t volume to a damn.

The Saudi Arabian goal has deserted a charges as fake and unproven. There’s not even a fake of conducting their possess inquiry.

No matter what a charges, or how ban a evidence, a hypothesis of ignorance is certainly sacrosanct. But hypothesis of ignorance means that someone should not be reputed to be guilty until a satisfactory review or hearing has been authorised to establish that charge. In this box however there will never be an review or trial. At many there will only be a moody home. It is not about a hypothesis of ignorance as most as it is about a arrogance of immunity.

For all a outrage, either in India or Nepal, conjunction nation will in a finish do most to pull a issue. Everybody needs a Vienna Convention some-more than they need probity for Nepali maids.

It was a same gathering India invoked to direct all charges be forsaken opposite a diplomat Devyani Khobragade indicted of mistreating her children’s nanny. Though her frame hunt done her a means célèbre, Khobragade was not alone.

India’s high commissioner to New Zealand and his mother were indicted of ill-treating their prepare who purported he was assaulted and “kept in slavery”. He was simply removed before it could balloon into a replay of a Khobragade case.

In 2009, a press solicitor during a Indian consulate in New York was indicted of treating her domestic assistance like a “slave”. Two years later, a Indian consul-general in New York himself was indicted of “inhuman treatment” of his maid. Both were fast brought home.

A Saudi diplomat in London and his mother were indicted of profitable their Filipino and Indonesian maids reduction than smallest wage, no holiday compensate and creation them work adult to 17 hours a day. A justice certified they were substantially trafficking victims. But it offering them no service observant it famous a fact that it competence seem “unfair” though that bias was “outweighed by a mistreat that would be caused by a disaster to give outcome to tactful immunity”. The diplomat did not even have to yield compensation.

Three Indian women who sued a Kuwaiti troops attaché in a US did win special visas meant for trafficking victims though it does not meant a diplomat was prosecuted. One lady pronounced when she done a mistake her conduct was shoved into a freezer with solidified chicken. “They were fundamentally treated as slaves,” pronounced a neighbour who helped them after one of them came knocking on his door.

Some of these stories competence be true. Some competence be concocted or exaggerated. But what gives postponement is how mostly a word “slave” occurs in a charges. Slavery creates us consider of grubby massage parlours, Dickensian runner factories and sweatshops. Who would consider a imagination suburban home could be a radiant new face of complicated day slavery? Slavery with all a mod cons. The comfortless irony is a Vienna Convention that is meant to strengthen one category of people from abuse should itself be used by some as cover to abuse another category of people.