Let This Video Serve As A Reminder That Mom Always Knows What You’re Up To

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Pulling pranks on desired ones is a time-honored tradition.

Recently, we wrote about an darling aged lady who motionless to lift a antic on her father regulating zero though a H2O bottle and a coin. It worked to waggish outcome and a video went totally viral. They only couldn’t stop shouting and apparently they bewitched a world, moving many to contend their attribute is accurately what they wish to have when they strech that age.

So many people saw a video, including many we might not have expected. When a son attempted to lift a same antic on his mother, well, let’s only contend things didn’t go according to plan.

“You consider I’m a FOOL?” She totally owns him with her response.

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This only goes to uncover that if you’re going to be pulling pranks you’ve got to be prepared for everything. Mama knows best. Share this video with a moms we know who will totally relate!