Lip Art Imitates Nail Art As A Funky New Trend

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Photo: jilltakesphotos on Instagram

Although lipstick in shining shades of red and pinkish is already a reigning makeup demeanour for a warmer months of a year, a new beauty trend only competence move even some-more pizzazz to your pout. If you’re looking to raise a demeanour of your go-to open mouth colour, we competence wish to cruise embracing mouth art. This up-and-coming trend is fast creation waves on amicable media, where artsy and adventurous makeup lovers are emphasizing their palatable pouts with artistic details.


Photo: lipstutorial on Instagram 

From confidant splashes of rainbow colour to shimmering sparkle, mouth statements have strictly been towering to a subsequent turn this season. In fact, beauty gurus are even incorporating motifs of Disney princesses, animals, animation characters and sunsets into their mouth art.

lip art 3

Photo: daily_lippie on Instagram

With pastel hues, neon brights and confidant lead shine hidden a spotlight, it’s transparent that a classical simper has perceived a makeover. Makeup artists are also adorning lips with little rhinestones, perplexing sketches and honeyed florals for a witty finishing touch.

lip art 4

Photo: blendyourwarpaint on Instagram 

Although mouth art is substantially best left for furious weekend nights (as against to Monday morning during a office), we can positively see this rising trend stability to means a sensation. If you’re coveting a change from a classical bare lipstick, this artistic matter only competence be a new beauty breakthrough on everyone’s minds- and lips!