Listen To A 1,000-Year-Old Song Being Played For The First Time In Centuries

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As partial of a outrageous replacement plan that has been in outcome for over 20 years, researchers during Cambridge University have finally easy a 1,000-year-old strain behind to a former glory.

This truly pleasing square of strain from a Middle Ages is brought behind to life in a vivid opening by Sequentia, a three-piece rope that specializes in personification strain from this era. Send yourself behind in time by examination them play in a video below!


It took some-more than dual decades of perfected work to spike down a instruments and techniques used to play it.

The song, called “Carmina qui quondam,” is usually one of many easy peices from an 11th-century publishing that was stolen from Cambridge and mislaid for 142 years. It was usually by possibility that a blank square (originally created by a philosopher Boethius) was found in a library in Frankfurt, Germany.