Live: 21st century will go to India, PM Modi says to cheers during SAP Center

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Sep 28, 2015

  • 09:05(IST)

    And a PM’s done. With a block for Air India’s latest flight

    And usually like that a Prime Minister’s done. A rather sudden finish this. He interjection a audience, a Congressmen and women in a audience. 

    “Bharat Mata ki..” ” Jai,” shouts a audience. 

    “Your voice should strech India,” a PM chides a assembly with a smile. 

    The “Jai”s are a lot louder for a subsequent dual “Bharat Mata ki”. And afterwards a integrate of slogans in support of Bhagat Singh. 

    “Give it adult for Modi,” shouted a emcee. His name’s shouted, a PM walks on a theatre as balloons falls from a rafters and ‘Chak De India’ booms on speakers. 

    But wait he’s back!

    “From 2 Dec there will be approach flights from Delhi to San Francisco by Air India. Thrice a week…Thank you” he said. It’s behind to ‘Chak De India’ again and a Prime Minister’s off a theatre now. 


  • 08:59(IST)

    UN has to interpretation terrorism quickly, says Modi

    The Prime Minister pronounced that a dual biggest problems before a universe are terrorism and tellurian warming. 

    On terrorism, Modi pronounced he’d created to universe leaders seeking to interpretation terrorism fast so that humankind didn’t humour more. 

    The Prime Minister pronounced it was critical to compute between humanitarians and terrorists. 

    “It should be in black and white what is terrorism…As prolonged as there is good terrorism, amiability isn’t safe. Terrorism is terrorism,” he said. 

    The PM also took some credit for educating US state dialect officials about terrorism, observant that they had primarily discharged terrorism as a law and sequence problem. 

    “It is a need of a hour that we recognize terrorism and that is a goal we am on,” a PM said. 

    It is a UN’s shortcoming to interpretation terrorism so that universe can confirm a route it wants to travel on to grasp worldwide peace, he said. He pronounced that a republic that had given a universe Ahimsa now wanted assent opposite a universe and a usually approach was to vanquish terrorism. 

    He betrothed to take adult a emanate in a UN again. Nothing on tellurian warming though. Hmmm. 

  • 08:53(IST)

    PM Modi hardsells government’s achievements

    “Isn’t crime left or not?” “Yes,” shouts a crowd. 

    “Won’t it go for a poor?””Yes,” they scream again. And usually like that the PM’s finished articulate about JAM. 

    The Prime Minister is now articulate about ability development. And afterwards a Beti Bachao Andolan. And afterwards a dirt cards. The assembly kindly claps. He afterwards spoke of urea and how a supervision had neem coated it. It can’t be used anywhere else, he forked out. It’s not wholly a new judgment yet a Modi supervision has been pulling a means harder (Read some-more here) 

    But that’s good adequate for a audience. Finally something they can applause enough. 

    If we speak about all we’ve finished it could take 2 hours, he said, adding he was usually display a assembly a trailer of what was to come. 

  • 08:46(IST)

    Prime Minister touts his government’s biggest achievements: JAM

    The Prime Minister’s got a new acronym out. This one’s JAM. 

    J – Jan Dhan Bank Account

    A – Aadhaar card

    M – Mobile governance

    He spoke about how nationalisation of banks roughly 50 years ago hadn’t helped a poor. If 50 percent of a race didn’t have entrance to banks, how could a republic progress, he said. But now 18 crore new accounts have been non-stop by a poor, he said. He afterwards gave his assembly a authority on a intrigue and pronounced that he had seen a resources of a poor. “We have listened of a misery of a abounding yet we have seen a resources of a poor,” he said. Rs 32,000 crore to be specific.

    He afterwards touted a Aadhaar scheme. “We have done it a executive government’s focus,” he said. Didn’t dwell on it too many though. Not surprising. 

    He also spoke of ensuring mobile governance. Then changed on to a LPG funding scheme, The assembly is reduced to clapping now and a few titters here and there. 

  • 08:37(IST)

    The Prime Minister afterwards pronounced that India was a usually republic to get a Mars goal right on a initial attempt. “Mera bhi kuch aisa hi hua,” he pronounced to cheers. He’s maybe got a assembly entertaining during roughly each swap sentence. 

    He forked to a doubt about a space module primarily yet forked how it was now essential it was. He pronounced he’d gotten a supervision relocating on regulating space technology. 170 departments now used a technology, he said. 




  • 08:33(IST)

    India will be fastest growing, says Modi

    “I trust a republic will go forward. we have this faith since my republic is still young,” he said. A immature republic can do anything in a world, he said. 

    This republic can't route others any more, he said. “Bharat mata ki jai,” shouts a member of a audience. Another shouts,”Inquilab zindabad.”

    He spoke of how a BRICS acronym came about. “If we would have beheld there has been contention a few years ago that we would need to change BRICS since India was tottering,” he said. 

    But currently we can contend with self-assurance that if there is someone station with certainty now it is ‘I’, he said.

    That’s a unequivocally good joke from a Prime Minister. 

    He afterwards forked to how all a ratings agencies have now pronounced that a republic surpassing fastest is….”India,” shouted a audience. 

  • 08:27(IST)

    Modi gets Silicon Valley certified

    “More than Indians, we can see India in larger fact from outside,” he pronounced after a cricket analogy. 

    “You know everything…I had pronounced that we will not be found wanting in work in any way,” he pronounced reminding people of how he’d betrothed to work 24 hours. 

    “After 16 months, we now wish your certificate,” he said. If cheers are a certificate, he seems to have got it. 

    “Did we do my promise?” he asks.  “Yes,” shouts a crowd. It’s not tough to suppose someone in tears in that audience. 

    Modi afterwards spoke of how there were revisit allegations of crime opposite Indian politicians. A anxiety to a ‘beta’ and ‘damaad’ got a many cheering.

    Are there many opposite me? No, shouted a crowd.

    “I guarantee we will live for a republic and even die for it,” he said. The cheers usually don’t stop. 

  • 08:21(IST)

    21st century to go to India, says PM

    The Prime Minister pronounced that when he had come to Delhi 16 months ago he didn’t even know a approach to Parliament. People had given him a mandate, he said

    “With your blessings, we am doing my best to do it,” he said. The Prime Minister pronounced that a universe was now observation India with a good understanding of hope. 

    “There is a discuss for some time now. Whose is a 21st century?” he asked. “Modi, Modi,” shouted a crowd. 

    The Prime Minister corrected them. “The 21st century is that of Asia. But now people are observant that a 21st century is going to go to India,” he said. To be satisfactory there was a sole voice in a throng entertaining that for a good dual mins earlier. 

    So what’s a means of this change? “Modi,” shouts a crowd. The Prime Minsiter corrects them. It’s not Modi yet each chairman in a republic determining to change things, he says. 

    He pronounced a world’s nations were now perplexing to fan with India. “This atmosphere of faith will take India to new heights,” he said. 


  • 08:15(IST)

    PM establishes chronological bond with West Coast

    The PM pronounced that there were Sikh leisure fighters who had staid on a west seashore and worked for a leisure of India. Slightly pale cheers. 

    “But now a girl here are dynamic to get absolved of a misery of a country,” he said. Much some-more cheers. 

    He afterwards spoke of a initial Indian to connoisseur from Stanford. Then a initial Congressman from a state. And afterwards he brings in Jayprakash Narayan who had come to a west seashore for serve studies. The chronological connection’s been determined resolutely now. 

    “This is because each Indian who thinks of we feels pride. That is because we am happy to accommodate you,” he said. 

  • 08:10(IST)

    You’re a mind deposition of India, PM Modi tells entertaining NRIs

    “You have got a universe to change a notice of India and we honour you,” Modi said. 

    The Prime Minister pronounced that there used to be a discuss in India about interlude a mind drain. “But there will be many some-more smarts in a country,” he pronounced to cheers. 

    Modi pronounced instead of ‘brain drain’ it has been a box of ‘brain deposit’. Where does he get this things from?

    The Prime Minister pronounced that during a suitable impulse a ‘brain deposit’ would come good for India. More cheering. US Congressmen smile. Hopefully their translators are removing things right. 

    The time is now developed for a NRI village to assist India, he said. 

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After a communication with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a Facebook HQ, a Prime Minister now heads for his final eventuality during a outing to a US. He’s going to be vocalization during a SAP Centre with hundreds of supporters approaching to form a audience.

Earlier on Sunday, a Prime Minister spoke with Mark Zuckerberg during a Facebook domicile where he spoke on a operation of subjects like Digital India, a significance of amicable media for India and other topics. (More on that here)

Earlier on Saturday day some of a distinguished leaders who met a Prime Minister were John Chambers (Executive Chairman of Cisco Systems), Sundar Pichai (Google CEO), Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) and Paul Jacobs (Executive Chairman of Qualcomm).

Narendra Modi and Mark Zuckerberg.Narendra Modi and Mark Zuckerberg.

Narendra Modi and Mark Zuckerberg.

PM Modi on Saturday arrived in Silicon Valley with a concentration on creation and entrepreneurship.

The outing to Silicon Valley forms partial of Modi’s revisit to a US’ west seashore – a initial by an Indian primary apportion in some-more than 3 decades.

At a hotel lobby, a Prime Minister was tenderly welcomed by Indian Americans lifting pro-Modi slogans.

“With Prime Minister Narendra Modi in office, we have a event to energise US-India family and move a partnership to new heights,” Congressman Ed Royce, Chairman of a absolute House Foreign Affairs Committee pronounced in a acquire matter as shortly as Modi landed during San Jose Airport.

Royce and several other lawmakers would be attending Modi’s residence to a Indian village on Monday night.

“Prime Minister Modi’s revisit to Silicon Valley will positively move a US and Indian tech sectors closer together, assisting to lower a clever and flourishing mercantile ties,” Royce said.

Earlier, Modi left New York after hosting a essential G-4 limit on UN Security Council reforms to start another essential partial of his US revisit with a packaged bulletin of meetings with corporate honchos in Silicon Valley.

During his two-day stay in Silicon Valley, he would start and interpretation his engagements with a Indian-American community, a final one being an residence to a throng of over 18,500 Indian-Americans during a SAP Centre in San Jose.

Sandwiched between a dual village events would be Modi’s visits to a campuses of Tesla Motors, Facebook and Google where he would reason meetings with a who’s who of Silicon Valley – trimming from Apple CEO Tim Cook to Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Sundar Pichai of Google, Shantanu Narayen of Adobe, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

The first-ever Indian primary apportion to revisit Silicon Valley after it became a tellurian heart of creation and entrepreneurship, Modi’s initial rendezvous after a village cooking would be to expostulate down to a Tesla campus.

“Namaste California! PM @narendramodi arrives in San Jose, for a tech-startup-energy-diaspora-oriented weekend,” Ministry of External Affairs orator Vikas Swarup tweeted.

“A comfortable Californian welcome. Members of a Indian diaspora hail PM @narendramodi during San Jose airport,” he said.

(With inputs from PTI)