Live: Panic in Kathmandu as 8 aftershocks follow trembler of bulk 7.3 in Nepal

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May 12, 2015

  • 15:07(IST)

    One IAF MI-17 V5 airborne from Kathmandu to consider damage, says MoD spokesperson

  • 15:05(IST)

    One dies in Uttar Pradesh

    Another genocide occurred in Uttar Pradesh state while dual people were injured, according to Debashish Panda, principal home secretary of a state. – Reuters

  • 14:57(IST)

    Four some-more aftershocks strike Nepal

    According to a Euro-Med Seismological Centre (EMSC), 4 some-more aftershocks have strike Nepal, 3 of that were of bulk larger than 5. The fourth one was of bulk 4.7.

  • 14:53(IST)

    PM Modi has destined all endangered authorities to be on alert, tweets PMO

  • 14:50(IST)

    MHA in consistent hold with a states, says govt as Rajnath Singh meets PM Modi

    According to reports, Home Minister Rajnath Singh has met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The supervision also pronounced that a MHA was in consistent hold with a states.

  • 14:42(IST)

    The helpline numbers for a Indian embassy in Nepal are (+977)851107021, (+977)9851135141.

  • 14:39(IST)

    One male passed in Bihar

  • 14:32(IST)

  • 14:29(IST)

    Aftershocks in Nepal will continue for weeks or even months: IMD DG

    IMD DG LS Rathore pronounced that a aftershocks in Nepal will continue for weeks or even months.

    On a other hand, NDRF teams have been put on warning in India.

  • 14:27(IST)

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An trembler measuring 7.3 on a Richter scale strike Nepal and many tools of North India with a impact being felt adult in Delhi, West Bengal, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and other tools of north India.

The epicentre has been located on a Nepal-China border, 83 km easterly of Kathmandu.

The USGS has also reported about another upheaval with a epicentre in Afghanistan measuring 4.7 on a Richter scale.

Representational image. ReutersRepresentational image. Reuters

Representational image. Reuters

The Delhi Secretariat was immediately evacuated after a tremors felt in a inhabitant capital.

On 25 April, a large 7.9 bulk had strike Nepal and many tools of North India with a Himalayan Kingdom pang outrageous detriment of life and property. The trembler killed over 7,000 people in Nepal.

The series of houses broken in Nepal due to a 25 Apr trembler was over 1,60,000, scarcely twice a series of households wrecked in a 1934’s lethal trembler that has been a country’s misfortune disaster of all times.

After a quake, India had launched a large rescue goal armed with complicated equipment, dumpers and earth removers and aided by sniffer dogs, disaster service workers were perplexing to locate probable survivors opposite vanishing hopes.

The upheaval that flattened homes and buildings and a successive absolute aftershocks had forced people out to live in a open underneath cosmetic tents, hardly helmet them from cold and rains that have battered a city.

Fuel and medicines were also in brief supply. The design was a same in suburbs of Kathmandu and in other farming areas.

In worst-affected districts like Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk, a repairs was even some-more extensive, with adult to 90 percent of houses destroyed, according to a conditions news expelled by a United Nation’s charitable group OCHA (Office for a Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs).

Among a influenced districts, Sindhupalchowk has reported a limit casualties with over 2,000 deaths, and several hundreds have died in Gorkha, where a epicentre of a lethal upheaval lay that fatal day.

The news has also estimated $415 million as indispensable for critical charitable service in a quake-ravaged country. According to a report, a series of houses wrecked in a trembler 81 years ago stood during 80,893.

The 1934 Great Nepal-Bihar Earthquake, with a epicentre about 9.5 km south of Mt Everest, had killed several thousands people on both sides of a Himalayas and most flattened Kathmandu Valley besides levelling several districts in Bihar like Munger, Muzaffarpur and Darbhanga, destroying houses and grand palaces.

The 25 Apr upheaval had in many ways turn an scary sign to a 1934 quake, that too has attacked a culturally-rich nation of a architectural jewels, including a iconic Ghantaghar (clock tower). The Dharhara tower, a undoubted landmark of a city was broken in 1934 as well, though was rebuilt later, usually to accommodate a some-more vicious predestine this time.

(With inputs from PTI)