Live: PM Modi gets romantic as Zuckerberg asks about his mother

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Sep 27, 2015

  • 23:16(IST)

    PM Modi gets romantic as Zuckerberg asks about his mother

    Now, Zuckerberg asks PM Modi about his mother. 

    “I would unequivocally like to honour Mark’s relatives for giving birth to Mark, they have helped bond a world,” PM Modi says. 

    Speaking of his mother, Modi says, “I came from a really common family. It’s tough to suppose that a tea seller has spin a personality of a world’s biggest democracy. For that we would like to appreciate a country.”

    “My father is no longer with us. My mom is over 90 years aged now. She does all her work herself. She is not educated, though by radio she knows what is function in a news,” he says. 

    “When we were young, to get by, we used to go to a neighbours houses and purify a dishes, fill water,” PM Modi..

    “So we can suppose what a mom has to do to lift her children,” says an romantic Modi. 

  • 23:08(IST)

    India can’t strech full intensity if women are detained inside their homes, says PM Modi

    Now, a subsequent doubt is on Modi’s mount on women’s empowerment, a lady child and a purpose of women in a flourishing India. 

    PM Modi says, “All societies trust in god, though mostly they are male., Only in India we have women goddesses — Durga, Kali, Amba.”

    “But as distant as a supervision is concerned, if we have to grasp mercantile goals, we can't incarcerate 50 percent of a race inside a homes. Women contingency travel shoulder to shoulder with males,” Modi says. 

    “As distant as preparation is endangered and a health sector, there are a vast series of women. We have now reservation for women in a military in some kinship territories where a supervision has jurisdiction,” says PM Modi.


  • 23:01(IST)

    India a paradis for investors, says PM Modi

    “What is a tip to make in India?” asks Modi and says,”The low cost manufacturing, skill, male power, tender materials — these are what we have. we don’t consider this is something that someone can ignore. Infact, it is a bliss for investors.”



  • 22:58(IST)

    Modi’s respond on if Make in India will be successful

    Next doubt is on Make in India, and if it will be successful given a delayed rate of reform.

    “When we wish to spin on a scooter, it takes half a second. But when we wish to spin around a sight it is most some-more difficult,” PM Modi says. 

    “So how do we keep lane of what is happening? In 40 years we have had 180 million people who didn’t have a bank account. After my supervision came to power, in 100 days 180 million bank accounts were opened. That is a speed of change.”

  • 22:55(IST)

    Want to bond Indian villages with visual twine network, says PM Modi

    The subsequent doubt to PM Modi is what investment will a supervision make to boost connectivity. 

    PM Modi says, “It is loyal that India we have had to concentration on dual things equally, one is earthy infrastructure since that it is a requirement and subsequent is digital infrastructure.”

    “My self-assurance is that now in a 21st century, iways will spin important. In India we have 600 thousand villages and about 2.5 lakh panchayats. What we wish is that in a subsequent 5 years we will be means to couple these villages with visual twine network,” he says. 

    “As for money, there is no dearth. There are coutries that don’t know where to invest, and we am giving them my address,” PM Modi says.



  • 22:50(IST)



  • 22:48(IST)

    Social media can assistance govt take visual measures,says PM Modi

    PM Modi says, “With amicable media we have daily bonding. Right now with what we am saying, people are voting if Modi is good or bad.”

    “Social media has a intensity to uncover a supervision if it is holding a wrong trail and afterwards go for a march correction, it is a strength of a democracy,” he says. 

    “You get genuine time updates, we can come to know now when something happens in any dilemma of a world. And if a supervision is warning it can take this information to take visual measures,” says PM Modi.

  • 22:44(IST)

    I took to amicable media out of curiosity, says PM Modi

    Mark Zuckerberg asks if when PM Modi suspicion about a intensity of amicable media when he started regulating it. 

    “When we took to amicable media, we did not consider we would spin a Prime Minister and hence consider about how it could be used for governance,” PM Modi says. 

    “I took to amicable media out of curiosity,” PM Modi says. 

    He says, “I did not have a happening of most education, though amicable media helped me benefit knowledge. It broadened my horizen.”

  • 22:41(IST)

    People are some-more assured of India, says PM Modi during Facebook townhall

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks of his aspirations by saying, “India is an 8 billion dollar economy, we wish to make it a trillion dollar economy.”

    His comments were followed by shrill cheers from a audience. 

    “Tourism has outrageous intensity in India. In a final one and a half years, a perspective that people have of India… generally people are really proud. It is conspicuous hpw a notice of India has altered so quickly,” he says.

  • 22:36(IST)

    I wish that we will be a voice of millions: PM Modi to Zuckerberg

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi says it is implausible that people in a US who wish to start something are asked to come to India for inspirtation. 

    “I wish that we will be a voice of millions of people all over a universe and be aspirations for millions,” PM Modi tells Zuckerberg.

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After hosting a ‘Digital India’ cooking for tip tech CEOs during San Jose, California in a US, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set for a townhall during Facebook on Sunday.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pronounced that he is looking brazen to carrying a review with Prime Minister Narendra Modi about what connectivity means for India’s destiny during a townhall session.

“I’ll horde Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a Townhall QA during Facebook HQ, where I’m looking brazen to carrying a review about what connectivity means for India’s future,” Zuckerberg wrote in a post on Facebook.

Zuckerberg visited a United Nations domicile yesterday where he participated in several sessions on a sidelines of a ongoing UN Sustainable Development Summit.

He and thespian Bono visited an creation space during a UN that Facebook and a universe physique partnered on to uncover a significance of connectivity in giving adults a voice around a world.

“The space demonstrates a state of connectivity in each nation and includes earthy exhibits of projects, including a unmanned aircraft to lamp down internet from a sky and a laser communication complement for delivering high bandwidth internet,” he said.

Earlier in a day some of a distinguished leaders who met a Prime Minister were John Chambers (Executive Chairman of Cisco Systems), Sundar Pichai (Google CEO), Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) and Paul Jacobs (Executive Chairman of Qualcomm).

Narendra Modi and Mark Zuckerberg.Narendra Modi and Mark Zuckerberg.

Narendra Modi and Mark Zuckerberg.

PM Modi on Saturday arrived in Silicon Valley with a concentration on creation and entrepreneurship.

The outing to Silicon Valley forms partial of Modi’s revisit to a US’ west seashore – a initial by an Indian primary apportion in some-more than 3 decades.

At a hotel lobby, a Prime Minister was tenderly welcomed by Indian Americans lifting pro-Modi slogans.

“With Prime Minister Narendra Modi in office, we have a event to energise US-India family and move a partnership to new heights,” Congressman Ed Royce, Chairman of a absolute House Foreign Affairs Committee pronounced in a acquire matter as shortly as Modi landed during San Jose Airport.

Royce and several other lawmakers would be attending Modi’s residence to a Indian village on Monday night.

“Prime Minister Modi’s revisit to Silicon Valley will positively move a US and Indian tech sectors closer together, assisting to lower a clever and flourishing mercantile ties,” Royce said.

Earlier, Modi left New York after hosting a essential G-4 limit on UN Security Council reforms to start another essential partial of his US revisit with a packaged bulletin of meetings with corporate honchos in Silicon Valley.

During his two-day stay in Silicon Valley, he would start and interpretation his engagements with a Indian-American community, a final one being an residence to a throng of over 18,500 Indian-Americans during a SAP Centre in San Jose.

Sandwiched between a dual village events would be Modi’s visits to a campuses of Tesla Motors, Facebook and Google where he would reason meetings with a who’s who of Silicon Valley – trimming from Apple CEO Tim Cook to Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Sundar Pichai of Google, Shantanu Narayen of Adobe, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

The first-ever Indian primary apportion to revisit Silicon Valley after it became a tellurian heart of creation and entrepreneurship, Modi’s initial rendezvous after a village cooking would be to expostulate down to a Tesla campus.

“Namaste California! PM @narendramodi arrives in San Jose, for a tech-startup-energy-diaspora-oriented weekend,” Ministry of External Affairs orator Vikas Swarup tweeted.

“A comfortable Californian welcome. Members of a Indian diaspora hail PM @narendramodi during San Jose airport,” he said.

Modi would also accommodate members of a Sikh and Gujarati communities. On Monday morning, Modi will revisit a domicile of amicable network hulk Facebook, where he will reason a town-hall assembly with Zuckerberg.

He will afterwards conduct to Google, partial of his clever pull to expostulate technological creation in India.

Modi will also have shared meetings with US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, California Governor Edmund Brown. He will also accommodate Salman Khan, a owner and CEO of Khan Academy, a giveaway online preparation height that produces thousands of video lessons on different subjects for students.

He will also attend a roundtable on renewable appetite and an India-US start-up meet.

(With inputs from PTI)