Live updates: Stampede during Mecca kills 717, including 1 Indian; during slightest 21 Indians among 719 injured

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 Tragedy strikes Hajj again. More sum from a incident

Thursday’s protocol was holding place during a five-storey structure famous as a Jamarat Bridge, that cost some-more than $1 billion (£0.66 billion) to build, and that was used during progressing pilgrimages.  Almost one kilometre (less than a mile) long, it resembles a parking garage and allows 300,000 pilgrims an hour to lift out a ritual.  

The true had collected until emergence Thursday during circuitously Muzdalifah where they chose their pebbles and stored them in dull H2O bottles.  They had spent a day of request Wednesday on a immeasurable Saudi plain and Mount Arafat, a hilly mountain about 10 kilometres (six miles) from Mina, for a rise of a hajj pilgrimage.  It was not immediately transparent if a stoning protocol during Mina would continue as designed until Saturday after a stampede.  

The protocol emulates a Prophet Abraham, who is pronounced to have befuddled a demon during 3 locations when he attempted to inhibit Abraham from God’s sequence to scapegoat his son Ishmael.  At a final moment, God spares a boy, promulgation a sheep to be sacrificed in his place.  

The world’s Muslims commemorated Abraham’s eagerness to scapegoat his son by slaughtering cows, sheep and other animals on Thursday.