Machine training and DataViz 2-Day hackathon

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HubRaum is a startup space in Krakow, Poland Credit: HubRaum

2-Day Hackathon €“ Data Adventures

30 hours of coding. Mars to Earth. Sweat and tears. Victory and reward.

That’s how one could promulgate a initial hackathon orderly by Polish startup The Data Adventures hackathon, following final year’s Mars Express Machine Learning Challenge, is upheld by a space operations information analytics group during a European Space Agency.

Participants will be invited to use their believe of synthetic comprehension to urge a operations of a booster indeed orbiting Mars. Teams will be tasked to rise a prophecy of Mars Express‘s appetite direct or emanate an interactive cognisance of Mars Express and a activities by any orbit.

Programmers, coders, information analysts and designers will have to denote not usually technical knowledge, though also a skill and ability to effectively benefaction their solution. To find a approach to a judges’ hearts and brains, a resolution will have to be presented in a concrete and convincing way. The jury will be stoical of, among others, Dr Redouane Boumghar from a European Space Agency, and Rafal‚ Cycon„, a CTO of, any of whom specialise in apart fields and who will compensate clever courtesy to all aspects of a team solutions.

The Data Adventures hackathon initiator is a Polish company,, founded in 2013, specializing in synthetic comprehension and big data. The try itself is, for a CTO, Rafal‚ Cycon„, an rare event.

“We were unequivocally encouraged after finishing in a tip three at final year’s Mars Express appetite challenge, and we are happy to work again this year with a information scholarship group during ESA,” says Rafal‚.

“This hackathon is a good event for participants to not usually have fun, though also to work with genuine open datasets prepared by engineers at a European Space Agency.”

Apart from a foe itself, many surprises and additional activities wait participants.

The organizers will not usually yield catering, appetite drinks, commemoration t-shirts, swag and healthy stretching sessions though also a accumulation of insightful technical lectures on AI and appurtenance training conducted by experts in their fields.

“Feeding a physique and mind, this is an glorious networking event as good as a possibility to have fun with data,” says ESA’s Redouane Boumghar.

Data Adventures will take place 27-28 May in Krakow, Poland. Registration sum can be found during and on a fanpage during

Source: ESA Rocket Science blog

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