Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan rewards tighten aids in Cabinet rejig

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Bhopal: In a vital rejig of portfolios by inducting new faces and dropping veterans from a Cabinet, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister has rewarded those tighten to him with critical ministries like Home, Industries, Water Resources, while downsized those who attempted to flex muscles.

After arrangement of a new Cabinet, Chouhan took over dual days to confirm on a pained emanate of allocating portfolios.

The portfolios were allocated after 10 pm on Saturday night. There is, however, no word on a structure of a novel
Ministry of Happiness, that a CM had announced earlier.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan. AFPShivraj Singh Chouhan. AFP

Shivraj Singh Chouhan. AFP

Chouhan gave a giveaway palm to Ministers of State by giving them eccentric assign of few departments, something never finished by any of his predecessors before.

Ministers famous to be tighten to him like Bhupendra Singh was given a critical Home Ministry, while government’s difficulty shooter, Narottam Mishra was rewarded with a Water Resources and Public Relations portfolios.

Chouhan also lifted a status of Rajendra Shukla by allocating him Industries Ministry, only forward of a mega event, Global Investors Meet.

Besides, Singh will continue to keep Transport Ministry while Mishra, Parliamentary Affairs.

The arch apportion also rewarded his devoted minister, Rampal Singh with a Public Works Department.

Balancing energy between a earlier stately family of Gwalior, Chouhan took divided Industries from Yashodhara Raje Scindia though rewarded another member of a family, Maya Singh with an all critical Urban Administration and Development department, that is mandated to exercise Smart Cities and Metro Rail projects in a state.

Similarly, he cut to distance Uma Shankar Gupta by holding divided Higher Education Department from him and allocated it to Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya, a strongman in a Gwalior segment famous to plea a leverage of a Scindias.