Madonna Biopic On Its Way

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2016’s tip book that hasn’t nonetheless been done has finally been optioned, and it’s all about a Material Girl. The Madonna biopic book Blonde Ambition has been picked up by Universal Pictures. 

The book was created by Elyse Hollander, and landed on tip of a annual Black List, a list that displays a tip scripts that have nonetheless been incited into a film. The film will be set in 1980s New York, and follow a immature Madonna as she struggles to recover her initial album. The film will also take a demeanour during how she handles her early celebrity and romance, while traffic with a song attention that does small to honour a womanlike stars. The pretension of a film comes from her 1990 debate of a same name. 

Madonna herself has not commented on a script, so it’s misleading if she approves of it or not. One of a producers will be Brett Ratner though, who destined her song video for Beautiful Stranger in 1999, so during a really slightest a film will have someone operative on it who has worked with Madonna in a past. It’s also misleading either Universal has acquired a rights to use Madonna’s early music, such as Holiday, Lucky Star and Borderline. 

The purpose of a Material Girl herself will be a rarely desired one once prolongation starts, and during this indicate no names have been put brazen as to who a producers competence have in mind.