MagPi 67: behind to a destiny with retro computing on your Pi

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Hey folks, Rob from The MagPi here! While we do adore complicated computers here during The MagPi, we also have a soothing mark for a classical machines of yesteryear, that is because we have a outrageous underline on emulating and upcycling retro computers in The MagPi emanate 67, out right now.

The MagPi 67 Retro Gaming Privacy Security

Retro computing and confidence in a latest emanate of The MagPi

Retro computing

Noted retro computing fan K.G. Orphanides takes we by regulating a Raspberry Pi to obey these classical machines, inventory a best emulators out there and some of a homebrew program people have combined for them. There’s even a beam on how to put a Pi in a Speccy!

The MagPi 67 Retro Gaming Privacy Security

Retro fun for all

While I’m a bit too immature to have had a Commodore 64 or a Spectrum, there are copiousness of folks who review a mag with nostalgia for that age of computing. And it’s also critical for us young’uns to know a story of a hobby. So get prepared to dive in!

Security and more

We also have an in-depth essay about improving your confidence and remoteness online and on your Raspberry Pi, and about regulating your Pi to boost your network security. It’s an critical topic, and one that I’m flattering ardent about, so hopefully you’ll find a square useful!

The new emanate also includes a common preference of moving projects, ominous guides, and decisive reviews, as good as a giveaway DVD with a latest chronicle of a Raspberry Pi Desktop for Windows and Apple PCs!

Get The MagPi 67

Issue 67 is accessible now from WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. If we live in a US, conduct over to your internal Barnes Noble or Micro Center in a subsequent few days for a imitation copy. You can also get a new emanate online from a store, or digitally around a Android and iOS apps. And don’t forget, there’s always a giveaway PDF as well.

New subscription offer!

Want to support a Raspberry Pi Foundation and a magazine? We’ve launched a new approach to allow to a imitation chronicle of The MagPi: we can now take out a monthly £4 subscription to a magazine, effectively formulating a rolling pre-order complement that saves we income on any issue.

You can also take out a twelve-month imitation subscription and get a Pi Zero W, Pi Zero case, and adapter cables positively free! This offer does not now have an finish date.

We wish we suffer this issue! See we subsequent time…

Source: Raspberry Pi blog, created by Rob Zwetsloot.

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