Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian President, Promises ‘Bombshell’ in His U.N. Speech

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President Mahmoud Abbas of a Palestinian Authority in Sep in a West Bank city of Ramallah.

Mohamad Torokman/Reuters

President Mahmoud Abbas of a Palestinian Authority is scheduled to residence a United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday. The New York Times’s Jerusalem business chief, Jodi Rudoren, looks during his summary for a ubiquitous village and how it competence be received.

Q. What can we design from President Abbas?

A. Politicians customarily try to set low expectations — and afterwards surpass them — for a large discuss or debate, though Mr. Abbas has laid down a gauntlet by earnest “a bombshell.”

Analysts speculated that he competence announce his long-threatened resignation, announce a central termination of a Oslo Peace Accords that a Palestinians sealed with a Israelis in a 1990s, or call an finish to confidence coordination with Israel. But Mr. Abbas and his aides have, in several new forums, pronounced nothing of these would happen.

Last week, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, Mr. Abbas’s tip spokesman, told Voice of Palestine radio that a discuss would be “decisive and historic” — though also that a calm had nonetheless to be determined.

Q. So, what would consecrate a “bombshell”?

A. Short of resigning his post or canceling agreements with Israel, it will be formidable for Mr. Abbas to heed his stream position from what he has been observant during a United Nations in a past few years.

He continues to wish for a Security Council fortitude that would direct an finish to Israel’s function of Palestinian domain by a certain date, and conclude a Palestinian state roughly along a pre-1967 lines with Jerusalem as a capital. But a movement for such a fortitude has faded with a world’s augmenting concentration on fighting a Islamic State and grappling with a universe interloper crisis.

Q. Don’t Palestinians have widespread support during a United Nations?

A. Yes, a General Assembly is a welcoming assembly for Mr. Abbas, who won a votes of 138 countries in his bid in 2012 to make Palestine a nonmember spectator state. On Wednesday, a day of his speech, a Palestinian dwindle will be hoisted during a United Nations for a initial time in a rite approaching to pull many unfamiliar ministers and maybe even a secretary general. But that — like a 2012 opinion — is a mostly mystic step, and Mr. Abbas, along with his people, is seeking something most some-more substantive.