Maine’s Legendary Giant Snake Just Made Another Appearance

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This summer has been eventful for a residents of Westbrook, Maine. Since late June, residents have been throwing glimpses here and there of a lizard some contend is as prolonged as an 18 wheeler. While no one has been means to get tighten adequate to a lizard to figure out what kind of lizard it is, locals know that it’s a vast one.

They call her “Wessie,” and one new find has usually fanned a abandon of her stardom.

After quickly descending out of a spotlight in early August, all eyes were behind on Wessie after this rather vast snakeskin was detected along Maine’s Presumpscot River progressing in a week.

So far, this picture is a best earthy justification they have. All reports heading adult to this were possibly watcher testimonies or becloud photographs.

While it’s a tiny formidable to establish Wessie’s accurate distance from her aged skin, it’s protected to assume that whatever left this behind is massive.

Further fueling a Wessie fire, one internal speckled a outrageous lizard going for a float in a river. Could this be a town’s smooth celebrity?

(via Week In Weird)

Whether or not there’s indeed a 10-foot lizard stalking Westbrook, there is positively something freaky sneaking in a wilderness. With a few some-more months of comfortable continue to go, residents had improved keep their eyes peeled for Wessie.