Making Better Bacon—Yes, it’s Possible

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Back bacon. Photo credit: Agnellous, Wikimedia Commons

Back bacon. Photo credit: Agnellous, Wikimedia Commons

A K-State beef scientist is looking for ways to urge bacon’s shelf life for restaurants.

Just when we suspicion it couldn’t get any better, softened bacon could shortly be on a way. Bacon is one of a many renouned cuts of pork, and anticipating a approach to broach restaurants and consumers an even softened product is a concentration of investigate during Kansas State University.

Terry Houser, an associate highbrow in a K-State Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, is exploring what turn of pig swell fat superfluity will outcome in longer shelf life and softened flavor. Currently, bacon used in a food use sector, that includes restaurants, is stored solidified though is not opening packaged, he said. This process can lead to off-flavors in beef with aloft levels of unsaturated fat.

Houser and his group are study a change a pig’s iodine level—a magnitude of fat saturation—has on shelf life value of bacon. He pronounced if bacon fat is too unsaturated, it could means a fat to be soothing and unattractive to a consumer. Also, unsaturated fat causes problems with rupturing a bellies once they are baked and smoked.

The speculation behind this research, Houser said, is that pigs with comparatively high iodine levels outcome in problems with bacon peculiarity from those pigs’ bellies.

“Pigs with comparatively high iodine levels have a some-more unsaturated fat in a belly, which means those bellies will be softer and some-more disposed to increasing rates of lipid oxidation,” Houser said.

Increased rates of lipid burning have been related to larger occurrence of acerbic flavors in beef products, he explained. Additionally, soothing bellies are severe to cut with blurb beef estimate apparatus and might outcome in reduce rupturing yields for a bacon manufacturer.

“We wanted to see what a effects solidified has on lipid oxidation, or off-flavor growth in those bacon products,” Houser said. “The formula showed us that bacon is really inconstant once it is in a solidified storage, in a HRI (hotel, grill and institutional) form of wrapping system.”

Houser and his team’s persisting investigate to emanate softened bacon will try ways to brand bacon that is aloft in unsaturated fat and how to make a fat some-more fast in solidified storage.