Malcolm Turnbull Defeats Tony Abbott to Become Party Leader and Prime Minister of Australia

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia, left, and Malcolm Turnbull, a comparison cupboard member, during a Parliament House in Canberra on Monday.

Sam Mooy/European Pressphoto Agency

SYDNEY, Australia — Malcolm Turnbull, a former investment landowner and lawyer, became a primary apportion of Australia on Monday night after defeating Tony Abbott in a opinion of Liberal Party lawmakers.

The opinion was a second plea to Mr. Abbott’s care in 7 months. He won a supervision in Sep 2013.

Mr. Turnbull is a assuage Liberal, whose views, many recently on a legitimacy of same-sex marriage, had conflicted with those of his primary minister. The Liberals, notwithstanding their name, are a some-more regressive of Australia’s dual vital parties.

Mr. Turnbull won a support of 54 of his celebration colleagues, opposite 44 who voted in preference of Mr. Abbott’s maintaining a celebration leadership.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will sojourn emissary personality of a Liberal Party. Ms. Bishop cumulative 70 votes, opposite 30 votes for her cupboard co-worker Kevin Andrews. One lawmaker missed a opinion for a care position, fasten a event in time for a opinion for emissary leader.

Mr. Turnbull called on Mr. Abbott to assemble Monday night’s voting event progressing in a day. He quiescent his position as communications apportion and pronounced during a news discussion during Parliament House in Canberra, Australia’s capital, that he would plea a primary apportion for care of a Liberal Party.

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“It is transparent adequate that a supervision is not successful in providing a mercantile care that we need,” Mr. Turnbull pronounced during a news conference.

“It is not a error of particular ministers,” he said. “Ultimately a primary apportion has not been able of providing a mercantile care a republic needs. He has not been able of providing a mercantile certainty that business needs.”

At a apart news conference, Mr. Abbott concluded to reason a opinion in Canberra on Monday night.

“The primary ministership of this nation is not a esteem or a game to be demanded,” Mr. Abbott said. “It should be something that is warranted by a opinion of a Australian people.

“There will be a celebration room list for both a care and emissary care position after this evening. we will be a candidate, and we design to win.”

The prior Australian government, led by a Labor Party, mislaid an choosing in Sep 2013 after twice transfer a leaders. Kevin Rudd was inaugurated primary apportion in 2007, usually to be transposed by his possess celebration with Julia Gillard, Australia’s initial womanlike primary minister, in 2010. Ms. Gillard was transposed by Mr. Rudd in Jun 2013 only months brazen of a election.

Mr. Abbott pronounced on Monday that he was perturbed during a try to destabilize his care from within his possess party. But he had faced antithesis from some celebration members over his regressive stances on same-sex marriage, meridian change and wickedness targets.

Mr. Turnbull entered Parliament in 2004. He was quickly personality of a Liberal Party, from Sep 2008 to Dec 2009, when a celebration was in opposition. He also binds some-more assuage views on meridian change than Mr. Abbott and was deposed as leader.

Mr. Turnbull did not put himself brazen as conduct of a Liberals when Mr. Abbott was challenged in February. At that time, a celebration voted 61 to 39 opposite a “spill motion,” that would have announced a party’s care and emissary positions vacant.