Man Builds A House For A Homeless Woman After He Sees Her Sleeping In The Street

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One male is holding on homelessness by drumming into a tiny-house disturb that’s unconditional a republic right now.

It all started after Los Angeles proprietor Elvis Summers beheld a 60-year-old lady in his area sleeping in a mud a few doors down from where he lived. Feeling like it was his avocation as a associate tellurian to try and do something to assistance a bad woman, he motionless to build a little home for her out of recycled materials.

It took Summers 5 days to build a home, that comes finish with a window and stout wheels to pierce it between opposite locations. These materials, including a wheels and dual thatch for a front door, cost him about $500.


His difference contend it all: “Nobody should be homeless, generally in one of a richest countries in a world.”

Feeling desirous by what he’d managed to do in such a brief time, Summers founded My Tiny House Project LA. He’s already built over 30 little houses for homeless people opposite a city.