Man in Pakistan condemned to genocide for irreverent Facebook comments

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There’s unfortunate news from Pakistan, where a male has been handed a genocide judgment for allegedly making blasphemous comments on Facebook.

The Guardian reports that Taimoor Raza was founded guilty of scornful a soothsayer Muhammad by a justice this week. His assign relates to comments done during a discuss about Islam with another user on a amicable network, who subsequently incited out to be an clandestine counter-terrorism agent.

This is a stiffest punishment that Pakistan has handed down for online comments to date. The statute is partial of a wider crackdown on blasphemous element on a internet. Pakistani authorities have pushed Google, Facebook and others to brand users posting such comments online, and they even asked their possess adults to be observant of posts done by others.

“The infrequent demeanour in that genocide sentences are handed in heresy cases joined with a miss of course of Pakistani courts with record creates this a really dangerous situation,” Human Rights Watch deputy Saroop Ijaz told The Guardian in a statement.

In years past, Pakistan has released proxy blocks on Facebook, and afterwards Twitter. A three-year anathema on YouTube was carried final year.

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