Man With Down Syndrome Has A Heart-Wrenching Message About The Meaning Of Life

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Many people who hear a difference “Down syndrome” don’t unequivocally know what to design from a chairman with a condition.

Down syndrome occurs in someone when they have a full or prejudiced additional duplicate of chromosome 21. According to a National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), “A few of a common earthy traits of Down syndrome are low flesh tone, tiny stature, an ceiling point to a eyes, and a singular low double opposite a core of a palm – nonetheless any chairman with Down syndrome is a singular particular and competence possess these characteristics to opposite degrees, or not during all.”

They note that one in each 700 babies innate in a United States has Down syndrome, creation it a many common chromosomal condition.

While in a past people used to demeanour down on people with Down syndrome, interjection to medical advancements and increasing understanding, people with this condition are vital longer and happier lives.

When commenting on a outcome Down syndrome has on society, a NDSS says this: “Individuals with Down syndrome are apropos increasingly integrated into multitude and village organizations, such as school, health caring systems, work forces, and amicable and recreational activities. Individuals with Down syndrome possess varying degrees of cognitive delays, from really amiable to severe. Most people with Down syndrome have cognitive delays that are amiable to moderate.”

All of this means that Americans are apropos some-more and some-more expected to correlate with someone with Down syndrome. More than 80 percent of adults with Down syndrome strech a age of 60, with many vital many longer. That’s since it’s critical that we turn prepared on this topic.

People with Down syndrome are even on a front lines of Alzheimer’s research.

People vital with Down syndrome are a “largest race of people compliant to removing Alzheimer’s disease,” and many are participating in studies to assistance find a cure. NPR reports, “Because their bodies furnish additional amyloid, many people with Down syndrome rise problems with meditative and memory by a time they strech 60.”

Scientists are contrast early Alzheimer’s therapy with patients who have Down syndrome, something that was formerly not probable since it was unfit to tell who would rise Alzheimer’s. Because people with Down syndrome will fundamentally rise these symptoms, treating them early could assistance moment a formula to treatments that will assistance everyone.

One such pioneer, Frank Stephens, recently testified in front of Congress, saying, “I can't tell we how many it means to me that my additional chromosome competence lead to a answer to Alzheimer’s. It is expected that this burglar will one day take my memories, my really life from me. This is really tough for me to say, though it has already begun to take my Mom from me. Please consider about all those people we adore a approach we adore my Mom. We are assisting to better Cancer and Alzheimer’s. We make a universe a happier place. Let’s make the idea to be Alzheimer’s free, not Down Syndrome free.”

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