Marco Rubio and Donald Trump Open New Fronts in War of Playground Insults

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Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, during a discuss eventuality in Atlanta on Saturday, who has compared his competition Donald J. Trump to a personality of North Korea.

Eric Thayer for The New York Times

In a discuss deteriorate but counterpart in insult tragicomedy, cruise Saturday’s candidate-on-candidate exchanges:

Donald J. Trump has a nation’s misfortune mist tan and requires a “Hair Force One.” Marco Rubio is too low to have attended Mr. Trump’s Ivy League alma mater.

Mr. Trump calls to mind that “lunatic in North Korea” with chief ambitions. Mr. Rubio relies on his outsize ears to strengthen opposite wave sweat.

And afterwards there was this handbill — maybe a closest that one Oval Office aspirant has come in complicated times to accusing another of being nauseous as sin.

“Donald Trump likes to sue people,” Mr. Rubio told an assembly in Kennesaw, Ga., as he appraised his rival’s complexion. “He should sue whoever did that to his face.”

With 3 days to go before a supposed Super Tuesday voting contests — a potentially wilful day that could accelerate Mr. Trump’s impetus to a Republican Party’s presidential nomination, or case it — a skirmish into schoolyard jabbing continued apace on Saturday, with Mr. Rubio increasingly sounding like Mr. Trump, a stormy claimant he is chasing in a polls.

Donald J. Trump with Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey during a convene on Saturday in Bentonville, Ark., where Mr. Trump called Senator Rubio “little Rubio.”

John Bazemore/Associated Press

Since a Republican discuss on Thursday in Houston, Mr. Rubio, a youth senator from Florida, has taken a hatchet to a core of a Trump mystique, casting him as a “con man” with a huckster’s business record — a figure who would be “selling watches” on a streets of Manhattan if not for his father’s wealth.

On Saturday night, Mr. Rubio and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas expelled several years of taxation returns, sketch a comparison with Mr. Trump, who has declined to make his taxes open while he says he is being audited by a I.R.S.

“Here are Marco’s taxation returns,” Mr. Rubio’s website said. “Where are Trump’s?”

Mr. Rubio’s filings showed that he and his wife, Jeanette, warranted an normal of $458,000 a year from 2010 to 2014, a time when Mr. Rubio’s Senate salary, $174,000 final year, was carried by windfalls from book deals. Mr. Rubio has also warranted income from training during Florida International University, and Mrs. Rubio from a part-time pursuit advising Norman Braman, a billionaire believer of Mr. Rubio, on his free endeavors.

Mr. Cruz’s gain showed that he and his wife, Heidi, a handling executive during Goldman Sachs in Houston, reported practiced sum income averaging about $1.25 million a year from 2011 to 2014, including his Senate salary, his wife’s income and gain from a book deal.

The Rubios paid an effective taxation rate averaging about 23 percent; a Cruzes’ rate hovered around 30 percent.

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Both group enclosed usually a initial dual pages of a 1040 forms, and did not embody some-more granular sum about income and free giving. Earlier releases by other candidates, like those by Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton final year, supposing such information in saturated disclosures.

On Saturday, Mr. Cruz suggested a reason that Mr. Trump had not expelled his taxation returns. “Maybe Donald’s not as abounding as he says he is,” Mr. Cruz taunted, before observant Mr. Trump’s estate “from his daddy.”

Doing his best to mangle by a Rubio-Trump din, Mr. Cruz also let fly a singular curse.

“Say, ‘This is my future, this is my kids’, this is my grandkids’ — this is my country, damn it!’ ” he pronounced in Perry, Ga., propelling electorate to convene their friends and families.

Mr. Trump still enjoyed a standard day on Saturday, by his standards. He perceived a open support of Jean-Marie Le Pen, a far-right former personality of a National Front celebration in France, and of Jan Brewer, a former Republican administrator of Arizona.

At a convene in Bentonville, Ark., Mr. Trump regaled a throng with a extensive accounting of his authorised entanglements with a New York State profession general, describing himself as “so non-litigious, it’s amazing.”

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At emanate is Trump University, a array of seminars where those who sealed adult were told that they would be means to learn Mr. Trump’s genuine estate insights. The bid stays enmeshed in lawsuits accusing Mr. Trump of misrepresentation, a fact Mr. Rubio has gleefully highlighted.

“I will residence small Rubio,” Mr. Trump pronounced during one point, regulating a new favorite put-down for his rival. “The man has a uninformed mouth.”

Mr. Trump celebrated that a Trump University fit was theme to a “very hostile” judge.

“He’s Hispanic, that is fine,” Mr. Trump said. “We haven’t asked for a recusal, that we competence do.”

At another moment, Mr. Trump also argued that conjunction Mr. Rubio nor Mr. Cruz could have found a success he did, reminding a throng that he attended a Wharton School of a University of Pennsylvania.

Hoping to hit Mr. Rubio’s intelligence, Mr. Trump seemed to proceed a minefield of competition and class, intentionally or not.

“The Rubios of a universe could not get into that school,” Mr. Trump said. “Oy. They don’t have a capacity.”

He authorised that Mr. Cruz, a Princeton graduate, competence be intelligent enough.