Marilyn Monroe Special- See The 5 Actresses Who Have Portrayed Her

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Marilyn Monroe continues to intruigued a relocating going public, even yet she upheld divided over 50 years ago. The chubby blonde usually seemed in 32 films in her 15 year career, though it was adequate to win her over with film fans opposite a world. This weekend a Lifetime channel front a latest mini-series about her life The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, with actress Kelli Garner holding a lead role. Garner looks a part, though she is distant from a initial singer to play a role. Here are 5 other actresses who have played her.


Michelle Williams played Munroe in a 2011 film, My Week with Marilyn. The film stars Oscar leader Eddie Redmayne as Colin Clark, a filmmaker who quickly met Marilyn when she was in London to film a movie, and who grown a attribute with her as he watched over her. Michelle Williams played a uneasy starlet with a right brew of care and crazy energy, and it warranted her an Oscar nomination.


In a 1996 film called Norma Jean Marilyn not one, though dual actresses played Marilyn Munro. Ashley Judd played a younger chronicle of a starlet, before she picked adult her famous name. Mira Sorvino played her when she was some-more famous. There are even a few dream-like scenes where both seem on shade during a same time.


In a $30 million TV play The Kennedys starring Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear, Canadian singer Charlotte Sullivan played Monroe. It might have usually been one episode, though she positively incited heads.

griffithsAnd maybe a singer we have seen many mostly personification a iconic singer is Susan Griffiths. Griffiths has played Marilyn Monroe (or a look-alike) in several TV array and films. She’s been in Quantum Leap, Growing Pains, Dark Skies, Timecop, Pulp Fiction, Marilyn Me, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Nip/Tuck.