Marlins warn Christian Yelich with lookalike from ‘SNL’

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NEW YORK (AP) — The visitor in a Miami Marlins uniform certain looked a lot like Christian Yelich — solely in a batting cage.

Even yet they are some-more than 20 games underneath .500 as a deteriorate winds down, a Marlins had some fun Tuesday dusk during Citi Field. They astounded their Gold Glove outfielder by arranging a assembly with “Saturday Night Live” funnyman Pete Davidson, who positively bears an surprising similarity to Yelich.

The “twins” have participated in a using fun online this deteriorate about how most they demeanour alike.

Davidson dressed in a apart locker room — finish with a No. 21 jersey that had Yelich’s name on a behind — and assimilated a group on a margin as giggling players stretched for batting practice. Strength and conditioning manager Ty Hill, who wasn’t in on a gag, got angry and shooed Davidson away.

But a bit later, Yelich and Davidson chatted politely and acted for photos. Davidson borrowed a glove and went to core margin with Yelich to pelt flies before Miami’s diversion opposite a New York Mets. And a comedian even grabbed a bat and took a few ungainly cuts in a cage, handling a tainted tip and a soothing grounder that drew cheers and high-fives from a Marlins.

“If he can strike like Yelly, we’ll put him in a lineup. We’ll take him,” Miami manager Dan Jennings said, chuckling. “I’ve never seen a spoof, though we listened that they do it on ‘SNL,’ so it’s flattering good. There’s some comparables there, though I’d take a Yelly during a plate.”

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