Mars Odyssey Orbiter Recovering from Precautionary Pause in Activity

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Artist’s judgment of NASA’s Mars Odyssey spacecraft. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Mars Odyssey Mission Status Report

NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter, that has been in use during Mars given Oct 2001, put itself into protected mode — a protecting standby standing — on Dec. 26, while remaining in communication with Earth.

The Odyssey plan group has diagnosed a means — an doubt aboard a booster about a course with courtesy to Earth and a object — and is restoring a orbiter to full operations. Odyssey’s communication-relay use for aiding Mars corsair missions is approaching to resume this week, and Odyssey’s possess scholarship investigations of a Red Planet are approaching to resume subsequent week.

The orbiter’s believe of a course was easy Dec. 26 by resetting a inertial dimensions section and a circuit label that serves as interface between that sensor, a moody program and a star tracker, for final booster attitude. The goal final gifted a identical error and resolution in Dec 2013.

Mars Odyssey left Earth on Apr 7, 2001, entered circuit around Mars on Oct. 24, and began evenly examining Mars in Feb 2002. In Dec 2010, it surpassed a prior record for longevity of a robotic goal during Mars. The Mars Odyssey Project has been fluctuating that record daily for some-more than 6 years.

In further to a approach contributions to heavenly science, Odyssey provides critical support for other missions in NASA’s Journey to Mars by communication-relay use and observations of claimant alighting sites.

Source: JPL