Mary Rooney Announces Her Candidacy for Nevada Assembly District 41

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Mary Rooney is announcing her candidacy for Assembly District 41. Although she is a Republican, she will be a voice for all voters in a district. She resolutely supports a origination and stabilization of a stronger mercantile bottom for all Nevadans and vows to quarrel for reduce taxes for businesses and residents alike.

She believes in a clever preparation bottom as good as in expelling sovereign impasse in a schools. Rooney’s vigilant is to build an preparation complement that not usually helps children to thrive, though ensures they accept a well-rounded and secure education. In addition, she believes a document module needs to be estimable for both relatives who select to home-school and those who select to enroll their children in private schools.

Eliminating Crony Capitalism in all levels of supervision is one of a candidate’s goals. She will work tough to exterminate greedy spending.

Rooney has been permitted by Vicki Dooling, and she intends to continue a movement Dooling began, as good as to mount clever in a Legislative body. Mary Rooney will give her constituents a guileless deputy and vows she will keep her word.

By Cathy Milne

Conversation with Mary Rooney: Feb. 23, 2016

Image Courtesy of Mary Rooney – Used With Permission



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