Master The Cool And Chic Slick Hair Of Spring/Summer 2017

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Although beachy hardness and laidback waves seem to be a order for Spring/Summer 2017 hair, sharp thatch are also de rigueur for a deteriorate ahead. Looking during a runways, copiousness of sleek, soppy tresses can be speckled and also element a makeup trends of a season. Whether your personal welfare is flushed red lips or an au naturel visage, there’s positively an on-trend sharp braid to fit your tastes. We’ve curated a few runway looks to assistance we master a trend today.

Carolina Herrera

At Carolina Herrera, a demeanour du jour concerned ideally true and neat thatch that were pushed divided from a visage. The pulled behind and soppy demeanour strands were positioned resolutely in place, with neat and ideally true strands descending behind a ears.

Stella McCartney

Meanwhile, a Stella McCartney runway incited to free glorious and a retro desirous take on a hair trend. Models walked a catwalk with pointed volume during a climax and copiousness of soppy demeanour strands that were kept underneath control with product.


At Thakoon, a normal soundness of a sharp hair trend was contrasted with roughed-up thatch that had a somewhat voluptuous feel. Hair was split in a center and flipped over to one side, with texturized wavy thatch and a rebel feel.

Photos: Vogue Runway