Maximo Robot Arm – for kids and even large kids

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Wish to learn robotics? The Maximo Robot Arm is one of a biggest ways to accomplish that. Accessible, fun and affordable, Maximo is designed for everyone.

Maximo Robot Arm comes with a laser-cut acrylic body. It was designed to offer a top peculiarity while remaining one of a many affordable robotic arms on a market. Its 5-axis operation of suit allows for movements identical to public line robots.


“Maximo is a second era of robotic arms. Three years ago, we total MandleBot, a 5-axis aluminum robotic arm now being used in schools, robotics clubs, summer camps and even factories. We have enjoyed pity a passion for robotics with a lot of people and it has desirous us to now do it on a incomparable scale”, says a Maximo author on their crowdfunding debate page on Kickstarter.

“My group and we wanted to emanate a robotics knowledge that would be accessible to anyone meddlesome in this prohibited and unconventional subject, either usually starting out or already utterly experienced. Our idea has been to emanate a drudge that meets a harsh peculiarity standards while remaining affordable”.

According to a team, another idea was to emanate a drudge that could be used in schools to motivate students to learn some-more about science, engineering and robotics. Such a drudge needs to be rarely functional, configurable and visually appealing. It took a full year of investigate to furnish a antecedent of Maximo.

The pack includes: a black and transparent acrylic physique with a set of screws, nuts and standoffs, 6 high torque servomotors, a temperament base, Arduino with Servo Shield, wiring, USB wire and a energy supply. You also get a customary gripper conduct module, a Robotic Studio permit and a Assembly Manual.

Everyone who orders a drudge will accept a giveaway Robotic Studio license. Robotic Studio functions with Microsoft Windows only. This program is a outcome of thousands of hours of growth by a growth team. It enhances what we can grasp with a drudge by executing formidable automations that would differently be unfit to do manually. Robotic Studio allows we to pierce a drudge with a diversion controller and govern opposite array of accessible steps. You can bond adult to 10 robots during a same time in Robotic Studio to emanate extraordinary automations.

There is a far-reaching preference of add-ons we can select from to supplement to your bundle. Several conduct modules are accessible such as a pen, a modernized gripper, and a palletizer head. They can be total to your Maximo away if they are not enclosed in a prerogative we choose.


Assembling a 225 tools of a arm is an easy process. In fact, a usually thing compulsory to build a drudge is a Phillips-head screwdriver. Developers also provide a elementary step-by-step beam to assistance we build Maximo. They contend even a amateur can put Maximo together and get it to work in reduction than 3 hours.

In sequence to pierce some-more facilities to Maximo, several modular heads were created. These heads can be altered within seconds. They were designed to be easy to implement and remove.


The Standard gripper conduct module is a conduct enclosed with each Maximo kit. It works like a span of pliers, with a jaws opening and shutting to squeeze all kinds of objects.

The Advanced gripper conduct module is some-more worldly than a customary scratch and allows Maximo to squeeze objects by requesting offset vigour to a object. Very useful for grabbing tiny and dull objects.

The Palletizer conduct module is a tiny facsimile of a ones used in factories and warehouses. A must-have to lift tiny timber pallets and other stuff.

The Pen-holder conduct module allows we to put several objects on Maximo’s head. You can use Maximo to draw, paint and even play music!

All tools of Maximo are engineered to concede customization. Part sizes are meant to be concordant to concede opposite configurations. It’s elementary to supplement some-more facilities to a arm by regulating additional components to a surfaces. For example, a webcam can simply be trustworthy to Maximo to constraint some cold footage from a viewpoint of a robot.


Maximo as an Educational Tool is a good approach to deliver children to robotics and assistance them learn technologies that are now used on public lines. The group also prepared two curriculums total by an Educational Adviser for center and high propagandize students. Each curriculum includes 15 exercises to lift out regulating Maximo. Anyone meddlesome should hit a developers for some-more info about a curriculums.

How does it work?

The arm is tranquil by an Arduino house total with a servo shield. The additional connectors on a house make it probable to work approach some-more than a servomotors. You can bond sensors, LED lights and even wheels to make Maximo mobile. The Arduino house is also accessible in a Add-On with Bluetooth harmony that opens several engaging facilities such as wireless control from your computer. The possibilities are simply endless.

Controlling Maximo

When we use a robotic arm in mixed with Robotic Studio, we can control a arm with a gamepad. Each symbol activates one of a servomotors. You can record a stream position of a robotic arm with a press of a button. The program allows we to play those accessible stairs and afterwards edit, undo or change a sequence in that a stairs are executed. By regulating these Robotic Studio features, Maximo can govern formidable and accurate movements that can't be achieved manually.


Changing a conduct of Maximo

The conduct of a arm can simply be altered within seconds for one of a other modules. You usually have to undo a cable, disencumber a screws holding a head, mislay it and put a other one in place. This complement allows we to switch Maximo’s functionalities painlessly. You can let a drudge reason a pen, a light, or switch a unchanging gripper conduct procedure for a some-more modernized and accurate one.

Adding attachments to a robot

The acrylic tools of a robotic arm have additional holes to concede some customization. It is adult to we to figure how and what we wish to supplement to Maximo. There are large probable configurations regulating a gangling acrylic plate.  Infrared, suit and sound sensors are some of a components we can supplement to Maximo to raise a functionalities. You can use a inputs from a sensors to activate modernized automations. By regulating these we can emanate a complement in that mixed robots correlate together.

Color variations

The simple Maximo pack comes with a black acrylic body. Red and blue acrylic are accessible for an additional charge.


The Arduino defense has gangling connectors that can be used to bond some-more components. For instance, we could mountain engine wheels on a bottom of Maximo and use them to pierce a arm around.


Stabilizer Legs

Maximo has 4 stabilizer legs permitting a arm to strech a fullest border though destabilizing a robot. This allows a drudge to do far-reaching and quick movements.

Removable base

The bottom of Maximo has been designed so that it would be probable to detach it and mountain a arm on any other surface: Maximo can be placed on a table, mobile bottom or usually about anything else.


First prototypes are already entirely operative and were grown as a outcome of a RD done prior to a stream Kickstarter campaign. The pattern is tighten to final, though a group hopes to improve some aspects of a arm before they could start with a shipping.

Source: Kickstarter