‘Mean-spirited’ Jennifer Lawrence criticised after yelling during publisher during Golden Globes

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Los Angeles: ‘Joy’ singer Jennifer Lawrence has perceived critique from Twitter users for reprehension a unfamiliar reporter, who looked during his phone while seeking her a question, during a 73rd Golden Globes.

File print of Jennifer Lawrence. AFP File print of Jennifer Lawrence. AFP

File print of Jennifer Lawrence. AFP

25-year-old Lawrence, who won a best singer Golden Globe, has been indicted of being bold to a contributor who asked a doubt about her large win during a event, reported Aceshowbiz.

The debate began when a publisher kept his eyes on his phone while seeking Lawrence a doubt during a press conference.

The contributor had not even finished his question, though Lawrence unexpected interrupted, “You can’t live your whole life behind your phone, bro.” The contributor afterwards apologised and continued, though Lawrence interrupted again, “We’re during a Golden Globes. If we put your phone down you’d know that.”

Some deliberate it as a fun and it indeed entertained a participants of a discussion as one can hear delight from a room. Some people were not happy about it.

Several viewers suggested that a contributor was a immigrant and English wasn’t his initial language. They forked out that a contributor competence have been looking during his phone to make certain that his sentences were correct. Some Twitter users were unhappy with what Lawrence had finished and had voiced it clearly.

“Jennifer Lawrence is going from fun, friendly gal to problematic, repulsive hoe genuine discerning she improved arrange it fast,” someone wrote on Twitter. ” ‘you gotta get off your phone and live in a now’ – Jennifer Lawrence elucidate a problems of everybody perplexing to learn new languages,” another user tweeted.