Mecca Construction Crane Falls on Grand Mosque on Sep 11

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A construction crane, defeated by a absolute breeze and lightning strike, collapsed into a Grand Mosque in Mecca on a anniversary of 9/11 during about 5:30 p.m. Saudi time, only before a commencement of dusk prayers. The fall killed as many as 107 people and harmed during slightest 238. A photo, reportedly taken only before a fall occurred, shows a enormous shaft of lightning distinguished a crane. The fall came only 10 days before a commencement of a Hajj, a annual event that might move as many as 2 million people to a city.

The assign was so clever that it uprooted trees and pennyless windows via a city, reported Khaled Al-Maeena, editor of the Saudi Gazette in Jeddah, a circuitously coastal city. He pronounced that construction cranes in a area of a Grand Mosque were being used to make room for incomparable amounts of people in a pilgrimage, creation it some-more manageable. He went on to acknowledgement that it was an irony that a enlargement was being finished to promote a pilgrims who will be arriving. The derrick fell by a Al Salam embankment of a mosque. An worker of a mosque, Abdel Aziz Naqoor, reported that he saw a derrick fall after being strike by a storm.

Another bizarre irony surrounding a disaster is that a construction was being finished by a Binladen Group, that was founded by a billionaire father of Osama Bin Laden, according to World News Daily. The absolute association controls many vital building contracts in Saudi Arabia, according to a same report. Bin Laden masterminded a attacks on a World Trade Center and a Pentagon on Sep 11, 2001. Sixteen of a craft hijackers who carried out a attacks were Saudi Arabian nationals. The irony of a descending of a construction derrick in Mecca, a heart of Islam, and collapsing a apportionment of a Grand Mosque has not transient a thoughts of many.

The Binladen Group was in assign of creation expansions to a area in credentials for a Hajj, a event that brings millions of Muslims to a holy city to revisit a Kaaba, a vast cubic structure in a center of a mosque grounds. The Hajj is one of a 5 pillars of Islam that all Muslims contingency take partial in during slightest one time in their life. In 2015 a event is on Sep 21-26. Muslims trust that a Hajj correlates with a story of Hagar, one of a wives of Abraham. Left in a desert, she and her son, Ishmael, prayed to God for forgiveness and he supposing H2O when Ishmael strike a belligerent with his heel. When Abraham returned, he and Ishmael built a Kaaba to approximate a black mill believed to have been given to Abraham by a angel, Gabriel.

At a Kaaba, that means “cube,” Muslims perform a array of rituals that embody walking and using around a tabernacle counter-clockwise 7 times, kissing it, and observant prayers. Over 3 million people have done a Hajj, many entrance from outward of Saudi Arabia. Non-Muslims are not authorised into Mecca.

It is critical to demeanour during a story of Mecca and a Hajj in sequence to know a stress of a derrick collapse. Had it occurred during a time of a pilgrimage, many some-more people would have been killed and injured. Some of a people of a city feel that authorities have not supposing effective reserve supplies for construction in a city. Irfan al-Alawi, a co-founder of a Islamic Heritage Research Foundation, voiced regard that a city authorities had been inattentive in permitting a vast cranes nearby a mosque. He feels that a Mecca derrick would not have depressed on a Grand Mosque had correct precautions been taken.

By Lloyd Gardner
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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Photo Courtesy of Abdul Muqtadir’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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